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Love Advice - AIM Harassment [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Love Advice [May. 15th, 2006|10:02 pm]
NeedlePhreak000: so how do i report an underage myspace?
PLL 31337: its like in their about section or faq
PLL 31337: or contact
NeedlePhreak000: ok cool
NeedlePhreak000: thanks
NeedlePhreak000: damn all i can find is stuff about abuse nothing about reporting underage stuff
NeedlePhreak000: nevermind
NeedlePhreak000: so whats up?
PLL 31337: nm
NeedlePhreak000: i got my ged results today
PLL 31337: im gonna set up niggersnbiscuits.tk tomorrow
NeedlePhreak000: lol
PLL 31337: its gonna have links to nigger's myspace profiles
PLL 31337: and then its gonna have biscuit recipes
NeedlePhreak000: lol
NeedlePhreak000: thats funny
NeedlePhreak000: i got a really important question for you
NeedlePhreak000: how do i convince my girlfriends dad to let me see her (he's a cop too) and i'm 2 years and 4 moths older than her
PLL 31337: dude
PLL 31337: thats not bad at all
PLL 31337: shit
PLL 31337: i'd hit a 15 year old right now
PLL 31337: have HER talk to him
NeedlePhreak000: she is 15
PLL 31337: so what
PLL 31337: its not a big deal
NeedlePhreak000: she tried but it allways ends up in a fight
PLL 31337: just start talking to her n crap
PLL 31337: its not a big deal
NeedlePhreak000: i sent her flowers the other day and he said i have balls then he said it was like a smack in the face
PLL 31337: send her twice as many this time
NeedlePhreak000: well he sais i can't see her because i'm 18, and she isn't mature enough for me, and he thinks i'm a bad influence on her
PLL 31337: well, then your just screwed
NeedlePhreak000: he would get pissed
PLL 31337: because thats illegal
PLL 31337: wait till she's 16
PLL 31337: then its OK
NeedlePhreak000: i know
NeedlePhreak000: lol i wasn't planning on actually doing anything i just can't see her. i havn't ben able to see her since the 27th of march
NeedlePhreak000: and we have been together since the 23 of january
PLL 31337: well
PLL 31337: like i said
PLL 31337: wait till she is 16
PLL 31337: send flowers anyways
PLL 31337: the key is to get her mom on your side
NeedlePhreak000: he mom is on my side she loves me lol
PLL 31337: lol, do this
PLL 31337: send HER the flowers
PLL 31337: ahahaha
PLL 31337: show the old man you really do have balls
PLL 31337: ahahaha
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: but seriously
PLL 31337: send her flowers
PLL 31337: dont talk to her
PLL 31337: but send flowers
PLL 31337: your obaying her dad
PLL 31337: and
PLL 31337: he will see you care
PLL 31337: and in the note say something like "Because I Can't Talk To You, I'll Let The Flowers Do It For Me"
PLL 31337: or something gay like that
PLL 31337: and make sure its not those gay flowers
PLL 31337: get roses
PLL 31337: and call her with a relay op
PLL 31337: that way your not acually talking to her
PLL 31337: hahaha
NeedlePhreak000: haha i was thinking about writing out a big ol' speach like thing and so on. i was gonna tell him that i really do love her
NeedlePhreak000: how does that sound?
PLL 31337: HELLL NO!
PLL 31337: FUCK NO!
NeedlePhreak000: why not?
PLL 31337: HES A GUY!
PLL 31337: Look, you have to SHOW that you love her
PLL 31337: and the only way to do it is by obeying her dad
PLL 31337: and stuff like that
PLL 31337: send more freaking flowers
NeedlePhreak000: well the way things are going right now i won't be able to see her till she's 18
PLL 31337: i KNOW it will work
PLL 31337: oh come on
PLL 31337: he's a dad
PLL 31337: i'd be the same way
PLL 31337: what the hell does an 18 year old want to talk to my girl for?
PLL 31337: my little baby
PLL 31337: my ANGEL!
NeedlePhreak000: she told me that she heard him say. that if i get a job and save up some money then we can talk
PLL 31337: LOL!
PLL 31337: then do it
PLL 31337: if you love her
PLL 31337: once you get a job
PLL 31337: write him a letter
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: screw it
PLL 31337: call the man
PLL 31337: and tell him you got the job
NeedlePhreak000: thats what i was gonna do cqall him
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: calling him will show that you have balls
NeedlePhreak000: i wrote this really long letter to her. it was full of love and emotion and all that good stuff, it basicaly said how much i love her. and we both think he read it
PLL 31337: oh god
NeedlePhreak000: he told her that she used to be so happy and he wants to see her happy again. so he is gonna have to do some deep soul searching or somthing like that
PLL 31337: Your free trial has ended. Please PayPal giblee@gmail.com $30 for one more hour of counseling.
NeedlePhreak000: for real?
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: ahahhaa
NeedlePhreak000: haha damn
PLL 31337: Thats good
NeedlePhreak000: yeah it is
PLL 31337: tell her to act really sad
PLL 31337: around him
PLL 31337: so she like looks like shes feeling like shit
PLL 31337: like, stoned or somehting
NeedlePhreak000: yeah i was thinking abou that
PLL 31337: give her some adhd pills
PLL 31337: that sucks the life right outta me
PLL 31337: anyway
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: he will ask her why shes not happy
NeedlePhreak000: nah i don't want her doing drugs
PLL 31337: and then she can just say she misses you
PLL 31337: alot
PLL 31337: he's just trying to be a good dad
PLL 31337: cant blame him really
PLL 31337: i'd be scared out of my mind if i had a girl
PLL 31337: good thing mine's a boy
NeedlePhreak000: yeah i know i respect his rules and all that, but i feel like shit all the time and it's worse because she is grounded till tthe 24th so i can't really talk to her or anything
PLL 31337: hahaha
PLL 31337: PWNT!
PLL 31337: rofl
PLL 31337: sry
PLL 31337: lol
NeedlePhreak000: he told her that he was gonna have a real heart to heart talk with me
NeedlePhreak000: what?
PLL 31337: i'd fear that
NeedlePhreak000: why?
PLL 31337: i hate that kind of crap
PLL 31337: scares the shit out of me
NeedlePhreak000: why? what do you think he is gonna do?
PLL 31337: i dunno
PLL 31337: thats the problem
NeedlePhreak000: well that doesn't mean that i can't use that opportunity to talk him into letting us see each other
NeedlePhreak000: she said she truly thinks i can talk him into it
PLL 31337: yeeeaaahhh
PLL 31337: well
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: damn
PLL 31337: that will be hard
PLL 31337: dont lie
PLL 31337: are you a virgin?
NeedlePhreak000: i wasn't gonna
NeedlePhreak000: yes
PLL 31337: he wont beleive you
PLL 31337: lol
NeedlePhreak000: i know no one belives me
NeedlePhreak000: but i really am
PLL 31337: LOSER!
NeedlePhreak000: so
NeedlePhreak000: thats not a problem right now. i'll be able to handle that. i just want to get him to let us see each other
PLL 31337: hey, heres a solution
NeedlePhreak000: yeah?\
PLL 31337: you have an ipod?
NeedlePhreak000: no but she does
NeedlePhreak000: she has a nano
PLL 31337: tell her to let you borrow it
NeedlePhreak000: yeah?
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: put a song on it
PLL 31337: "Like a Virgin" from Madonna
NeedlePhreak000: lol
PLL 31337: play it during the talk
NeedlePhreak000: lol he will probably be like shut that off, and besides how will that help?
PLL 31337: Just tell him, "Just listen to the words"
PLL 31337: And once he heres that catchy beat, he'll be all into it.
NeedlePhreak000: ok
PLL 31337: No worrys at that point.
NeedlePhreak000: lol i perfer to relie on my witt and silver tounge
PLL 31337: Dude, trust me. The song is solid. It will get through to him.
NeedlePhreak000: what makes you so sure?
PLL 31337: It worked for my girl's dad.
PLL 31337: He was i ntears.
NeedlePhreak000: i'm not even too sure he will come over to talk to me
NeedlePhreak000: we will probably end up talking over the phone
PLL 31337: Then play it over the phone
PLL 31337: It works, just trust me
NeedlePhreak000: ok
NeedlePhreak000: damn
NeedlePhreak000: i hope this works
PLL 31337: It will, dude
NeedlePhreak000: i'll download it and play it over the phone
PLL 31337: Good idea
PLL 31337: You can tell him that is "our song"
PLL 31337: meaning you and her
NeedlePhreak000: lol
NeedlePhreak000: and i can use my witt to talk him into it
PLL 31337: Yeah, but the song is key
NeedlePhreak000: i really don't understand how the song is key
PLL 31337: Because dude, the song wraps up ya'lls situation so well, and it's got an emotional sub harmony that is used commonly in interagations to lighten the mood. That's why the song is so catchy. I study music structure, I know these things.
NeedlePhreak000: oh nice
PLL 31337: Yeah, so thats why the song is so key when you two talk.
NeedlePhreak000: oh okay i see
NeedlePhreak000: i hope this works
NeedlePhreak000: thanks dude
PLL 31337: No problem, feel free to ask me this stuff anytime.
PLL 31337: I'm here to help.
NeedlePhreak000: damn thanks dude ... i'll help you anytime