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Phillip Leblanc - AIM Harassment [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Phillip Leblanc [May. 2nd, 2006|04:48 pm]
PhillipL 09: hey
PLL 31337: hey
PLL 31337: and this is...
PhillipL 09: phillipl
PLL 31337: ohkay...
PhillipL 09: phillip leblanc
PhillipL 09: im friends w/ dusty
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: let me guess, you want porn passwords or myspace passwords?
PhillipL 09: hahah no but if ur offering
PLL 31337: nope
PhillipL 09: lol
PLL 31337: well, just ask chad oustalet about my porn passwords, ahahahah
PhillipL 09: chance?
PLL 31337: yeah, w/e
PhillipL 09: y u gave him some
PLL 31337: lol, not really
PhillipL 09: i remember him sayin somethin bout that a while back
PLL 31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/6788.html
PLL 31337: thats the chat logs
PLL 31337: lol
PhillipL 09: those really porn passwords?
PLL 31337: lmao
PhillipL 09: cuz i dont wanna click on them if its a virus r somethin
PLL 31337: its not a virus
PLL 31337: go ahead, you'll like it
PhillipL 09: alright
PhillipL 09: lmao thats fuckin tight
PLL 31337: yeah
PhillipL 09: how do i get it to stop?
PLL 31337: i dunno, you figure it out
PLL 31337: ahahahhaha
PLL 31337: j/k
PLL 31337: Press Cntrl+Alt+Del
PLL 31337: then end IE
PLL 31337: you get it?
PhillipL 09: i clicke control+alt+del and the windows task manager came up and i cliked on end process...that right?
PLL 31337: yep
PhillipL 09: it still sayin that shit
PLL 31337: lmao
PhillipL 09: and the pages keep comin up
PLL 31337: lmao
PhillipL 09: wut do i do?
PLL 31337: pray
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: no, i thik i can help ya
PLL 31337: ahaha
PLL 31337: in the task manager
PLL 31337: click on the "processes" tab
PLL 31337: then click when it says "Name"
PLL 31337: then scroll down till you find iexplore.exe and select it
PLL 31337: then click End Process
PLL 31337: it ask you if you really want to
PLL 31337: then click OK or Yes
PLL 31337: and then its all OK :-)
PhillipL 09: what about the click wear it says name r w/e
PhillipL 09 signed off at 4:16:34 PM.
PhillipL 09 signed on at 4:19:08 PM.
PhillipL 09: shit
PLL 31337: hey buddy
PhillipL 09: lol
PhillipL 09: my computer shut off
PLL 31337: rofl
PhillipL 09: send that chat log again so i can c the rest of the websites
PLL 31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/6788.html
PhillipL 09: they all do different stuff like that?
PLL 31337: lol, dude, its the same thing
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: you didnt see the warnign at the top? ahaha
PLL 31337: ahaha
PhillipL 09: oh
PhillipL 09: but every one u click on has web pages pop up saying im looking at gay porn
PhillipL 09: ?
PLL 31337: yep
PLL 31337: no porn for you today
PLL 31337: ahahaha
PhillipL 09: lol
PhillipL 09: u have anymore of them joke things
PhillipL 09: i wanna send them to ppl
PhillipL 09: ???
PLL 31337: heh
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: not for noobs who fall for it
PhillipL 09: lol
PhillipL 09: c'mon i wanna fuck with all my friends
PLL 31337: then go to their house and bring some lube, i aint stoppin ya
PhillipL 09: lol

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