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Da Game. [Dec. 19th, 2006|11:54 pm]
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: dude why did you put all that shit on your live journal???
[22:39] pll31337: lol
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: vary not cool
[22:39] pll31337: did you take my advice?
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: hell no
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: you know who nuklearmoon is???
[22:39] pll31337: no
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: what about greydsazebluehaze??
[22:40] pll31337: uh...
[22:40] pll31337: no?
[22:40] NeedlePhreak000: well they are one in the same and they keep giving me hell about that shit
[22:40] pll31337: lol
[22:41] NeedlePhreak000: not funny dude
[22:41] NeedlePhreak000: you gonna take it down???
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: and destroy any copies you have?

[22:42] pll31337: no
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: and don't post this convo either
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: why not???
[22:42] pll31337: b/c its already in Google's cache
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: you know that illegal you don't have my permission to put that shit up there
[22:43] pll31337: who gives
[22:44] NeedlePhreak000: well that is a violation of privacy laws and shit dude and besides i'm deep in da game
[22:45] pll31337: "da game"?
[22:45] NeedlePhreak000: da streets
[22:45] NeedlePhreak000: i be rollin' wit a strap on the side of me
[22:45] pll31337: a strap on dildo?
[22:46] NeedlePhreak000: a strap is a fuckin' gat dumbass
[22:46] NeedlePhreak000: lol you wouldn't last a day in my hood
[22:48] pll31337: Yeah... sounds pretty "dope" to be a "gangsta" in your "hood".
[22:48] NeedlePhreak000: haha your stupid
[22:48] pll31337: So... how did things go with that girl anyway?
[22:48] NeedlePhreak000: what girl i have no clue what the fuck your talking about
[22:49] pll31337: The one the 15 year old
[22:50] pll31337: The one whose dad you were pheering
[22:50] NeedlePhreak000: nope doesn't ring a bell
[22:51] pll31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/9164.html
[22:51] pll31337: Does that ring a bell?
[22:52] NeedlePhreak000: no but it has my name and shit and i want you to get rid of all that because it's not me
[22:53] pll31337: Oh I see... your acting like it wasn't you... then why are you so upset?
[22:53] NeedlePhreak000: because someone stole my damn screen name
[22:53] pll31337: I mean... I could have sworn in this convo if you scrolled up you could read where you said it was you and I talking
[22:54] NeedlePhreak000: what?
[22:54] pll31337: You said it was violation of privacy laws.
[22:55] pll31337: If it wasn't you... then it would be slander.
[22:55] NeedlePhreak000: so that doesn'tmean it is my problem but it is my name and i had nothing to do with that shit
[22:56] pll31337: Then you shouldn't worry about it.
[22:56] NeedlePhreak000: yes i should because crazy assholes message me outta nowhere and shit and it is getting on my nerves just make up a s/n to replace mine or something
[22:57] pll31337: Yeah.. sounds like a good idea.
[22:57] NeedlePhreak000: ok what are you fonna change it to?

[22:57] pll31337: nEEDLEpHREAK000
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: thats not changing it at all
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: make it like
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: someGayD00d
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: or something
[22:58] pll31337: nEeDlEpHrEaK000
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: dude stop fucking around
[22:59] pll31337: What?
[23:00] NeedlePhreak000: how about nEedFreek123
[23:01] pll31337: there
[23:01] pll31337: changed it
[23:02] NeedlePhreak000: what did you change it to???
[23:02] pll31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/9164.html
[23:03] NeedlePhreak000: it still says the god damn thing you ass
[23:03] pll31337: No... I changed it.
[23:04] pll31337: You may have to clear your cache
[23:04] pll31337: or refresh
[23:05] NeedlePhreak000: it is still the same all you did was change the capps
[23:05] pll31337: Oh... what screen name would you like me to change it to, then?
[23:05] NeedlePhreak000: putsomething like
[23:05] NeedlePhreak000: nEedFrEek123
[23:06] NeedlePhreak000: that should work
[23:06] NeedlePhreak000: change the one on the front page too
[23:06] pll31337: okay
[23:07] NeedlePhreak000: you changed your own do it right
[23:08] pll31337: What?
[23:08] NeedlePhreak000: you changed your s/n now do it right and change mine
[23:08] pll31337: I changed yours and you complained... i thought you wanted me to change my screen name to nEedFrEek123.
[23:09] NeedlePhreak000: change needlephreak000 to nEedFrEek123
[23:09] NeedlePhreak000: so people will stop fucking with me
[23:09] pll31337: Huh?
[23:09] NeedlePhreak000: god damnit
[23:09] pll31337: What are you talking about?
[23:09] pll31337: Someone is sexing you?
[23:10] NeedlePhreak000: people keep messaging me and saying shit now fucking change my s/n on your god damn journal
[23:10] pll31337: That's funny... they just IM you and say "shit"?
[23:11] NeedlePhreak000: yeah because they see my s/n that someone hacked on you page
[23:11] pll31337: Why do they IM you?
[23:12] NeedlePhreak000: because they see my s/n on your damn journal shit
[23:12] pll31337: Where?
[23:12] NeedlePhreak000: stop being a god damn fucktard
[23:12] pll31337: I dont get it
[23:12] pll31337: Why do they IM you though/
[23:13] pll31337: I never get IMed
[23:13] NeedlePhreak000: probably because they have no life it doesn't matter
[23:13] pll31337: Well since it doesn't matter I won't change anything then.
[23:13] NeedlePhreak000: your a fucking prick
[23:14] pll31337: Don't be mad at ME!
[23:14] NeedlePhreak000: your the asshole who started this shit you put all that shit upthere
[23:14] pll31337: Yeah... so?
[23:15] NeedlePhreak000: well people keep saying shit to me damn it
[23:15] pll31337: Why do they IM you and not me? I wanna talk to people, too.
[23:16] NeedlePhreak000: well probably because they know your boring as hell
[23:16] pll31337: Oh
[23:16] NeedlePhreak000: now your starting to piss me off you fat ass tard
[23:17] pll31337: Why?!?
[23:17] NeedlePhreak000: because you need to get rid of that shit
[23:18] pll31337: You keep saying that but I don't understand why you want it down
[23:18] NeedlePhreak000: because i said so
[23:18] NeedlePhreak000: ok
[23:18] pll31337: Ohh
[23:19] NeedlePhreak000: ypou gonna take it down???
[23:19] pll31337: No
[23:19] NeedlePhreak000: why?
[23:19] pll31337: Because I said so
[23:19] pll31337: ok
[23:19] NeedlePhreak000: well i will contact the owners of the domain and let them know what your up to
[23:19] pll31337: They have already been informed
[23:20] NeedlePhreak000: well i will get a lawyer and they will recive a cease and disist order or whatever the fuck it is they give out
[23:20] pll31337: Go ahead.
[23:21] pll31337: I'll laugh at the fact that you wasted money on my behalf.
[23:21] NeedlePhreak000: haha i don't care about money i got all the damn mony i need and besides i know lawyers that will do it for free
[23:21] pll31337: Well that's cool
[23:22] NeedlePhreak000: ypour a fat ass primitive under evolved monkey
[23:22] pll31337: I forgot your "in da game"
[23:22] pll31337: Yeah... I guess so...
[23:22] pll31337: But hey, at least I don't like a 15 year old.
[23:23] NeedlePhreak000: for real just take it down or change my screen name on there because whoever said that shit it wasn't me
[23:23] pll31337: Then don't worry about it.
[23:23] pll31337: Oh and one thing, if you do get a lawer and I take it to court your logs will forever be in state records and will follow you.
[23:24] NeedlePhreak000: what logs???
[23:24] pll31337: The chat logs
[23:24] pll31337: That you want down so bad.
[23:25] NeedlePhreak000: whatever just do something because it is pissing me off
[23:25] pll31337: Why?
[23:27] pll31337: Why?
[23:40] pll31337: Why?
[23:41] pll31337: Why?
[23:42] NeedlePhreak000: shut the fuck up
[23:42] pll31337: Okay
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Noob Hacking 101 [May. 16th, 2006|10:41 pm]
i sold a hooker: hey dude wuz up do u no chelsea roboshueax??
PLL 31337: hey dude whats up, how about you and your friends get a life
i sold a hooker: how bout u get a life and stopo stalkin ppl and id like to see u hack fbi files i dont htink u can do it
i sold a hooker: ya no i aint got no beef wit u but i dont think u can hack the fbi
i sold a hooker: u might can hack but not the fbi
PLL 31337: lol, that was a joke, lol
PLL 31337: you dont even know what a commodore 64 is
PLL 31337: most likly
i sold a hooker: yea i do actually
i sold a hooker: old ass computer where it runs on dos u have to command it to do shit
i sold a hooker: do u really no how to hack
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: but i dont talk about it to strangers
PLL 31337: like, ones from iota
i sold a hooker: well lets say were frinns
i sold a hooker: im not from iota
i sold a hooker: im from crowley
i sold a hooker: i also no how to hack
PLL 31337: well, your IMing me because of that chick
PLL 31337: and her boyfriend
PLL 31337: oh, you know how to hack, too?
PLL 31337: cool
PLL 31337: sorry about that
i sold a hooker: yup
i sold a hooker: sorry for wt
PLL 31337: nvm
PLL 31337: so, tell me, i'm having to choose between using the microsoft gcc compiler or the GNU gcc complier
PLL 31337: which should I use?
PLL 31337: Hello?
i sold a hooker: hmmm before i answer tell me
i sold a hooker: why u wont leave that chick alone
PLL 31337: Acually, I haven't talked to her at all.
PLL 31337: I've been getting IMed from your friends
PLL 31337: but I haven't talked to her
i sold a hooker: they said u hacked her comp and crashed it
PLL 31337: Lol, that wasn't me.
i sold a hooker: o0o0o who was it
PLL 31337: I mean, come on, all I use to hack is a Swiss Army knife and a C64!
i sold a hooker: well who called her hoiuse in the middle of the night
PLL 31337: Wasnt me
PLL 31337: honestly
i sold a hooker: well who hacked her
PLL 31337: You can take my word, hacker to hacker
PLL 31337: maybe she didnt use a firewall and got owned for being a noob?
i sold a hooker: lol tru
PLL 31337: Well, look, I honestly haven't done anything, to her but call her when I was talking to her on AIM that time. I spoofed the caller ID so it wouldnt show my number.
i sold a hooker: phreaking>?
PLL 31337: Yeah, caller id spoofing is a type of phreaking...
i sold a hooker: i cant phreak dont understand it
PLL 31337: It's easy. Just get a girl, and you play some nice music
PLL 31337: like Barry White
i sold a hooker: wtf
PLL 31337: ahaha
i sold a hooker: phreaking nigga
PLL 31337: I know, lol
PLL 31337: Just go to phonelosers.org
PLL 31337: and phreaksandgeeks.com
PLL 31337: That'll get ya started.
PLL 31337: Well, I have to go do some work.
PLL 31337: Talk to you later, Mr. "Hacker"
i sold a hooker: ha yea
i sold a hooker: ask u one question
i sold a hooker: do u no wut an IP is
PLL 31337: LOL, uh yeah, acually, you most likely referring to an "IP address'
PLL 31337: but most people just call it an "IP"
i sold a hooker: yea wut dodes it stand for
PLL 31337: internet protocol
i sold a hooker: good
i sold a hooker: lol
i sold a hooker: well wuts the first thing u do before u start hackinb
PLL 31337: Use Google
i sold a hooker: for??
PLL 31337: to search for information, to learn
PLL 31337: Duh.
i sold a hooker: y learn wen u no it
PLL 31337: Oh, I mis-understood you, I thought you were wondering how to hack
PLL 31337: Well, the fist thing I do
i sold a hooker: i asked wuts the first thing you do wen u hack
PLL 31337: Well, It varys on the job
PLL 31337: If it's a web application, I will look do directory transversal, or look at the robots.txt file
PLL 31337: if it's a network or specific system, I will run namp/blues port scanner
i sold a hooker: to see which port is open to go through
PLL 31337: Well, thats a port scanner
PLL 31337: Then, if there are open ports, you look up which service commonly uses that port.
PLL 31337: Like, http uses port 80
i sold a hooker: if u have a good prot scanner itll tell u
PLL 31337: Yeah
PLL 31337: The best in my opinion is Retina
PLL 31337: It's uber pro
PLL 31337: But for quick stuff, Blue's Port Scanner or Angery IP Scanner are fine
PLL 31337: Then, once you find the open port
PLL 31337: You run metaploit
PLL 31337: Which will use exploits from common security forums
i sold a hooker: thats a prog?
PLL 31337: Yeah, but it only runs in Linux
i sold a hooker: and let me guess u have linux
PLL 31337: Well, duh
i sold a hooker: besides usin that wut else would u use in u had xp
PLL 31337: Well, it depends on the exploit code
PLL 31337: If it's in like Perl, you can run in on just about any O/S
PLL 31337: You *could* run metasploit in windows if you used Co-Linux or Cygwin
PLL 31337: But that's not that easy to set up if your new to this
i sold a hooker: wuts another prog similiar to metasploit
PLL 31337: Humm, let me think
PLL 31337: I really don't know right off the top of my head
PLL 31337: most Windows programs just point out it's vulerable, they don't exploit it.
i sold a hooker: okay so say u wanted a specific persons ip howd u get i no how to get but do u no how
PLL 31337: Linux isn't hard to set up, you just need to download the ISOs to a disto, and then burn them to a CD/DVD, then reboot off the cd, re-partition your harddrive so you have NTFS and ext3, then install a bootloader, and then the OS
PLL 31337: distro*
PLL 31337: Oh, well, it just depends on what your doing. Like, on AIM, if you downloaded a file from me, I can type netstat from the command line and get your IP.
i sold a hooker: yea i no
PLL 31337: If you emailed me, I could just look at the headers.
i sold a hooker: wen i do it on my new comp it says the NTVDM CPU has encountred an illegal instruction
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: What are you using , XP?
i sold a hooker: YUP
i sold a hooker: y
i sold a hooker: ????
PLL 31337: It's a common bug
PLL 31337: well, wait
i sold a hooker: how do i get it out
PLL 31337: no, What are you talking about
PLL 31337: When you get on the command line?
PLL 31337: and type netstat?
i sold a hooker: yea i type netstat -n
i sold a hooker: the ntvdm cpu has encoutnred an illegal instuction
i sold a hooker: its wut it says
PLL 31337: Well, that's funny
PLL 31337: lol
i sold a hooker: y
PLL 31337: Okay, well, XP uses the NT kernal, and so that means that it has to have a DOS emulator to support legacy programs
PLL 31337: thats what NTVDM is
i sold a hooker: yea but how do i get it off so i can use netstat
PLL 31337: Well, chances are if your getting some illogical rambling like that
PLL 31337: then you have a virus or spyware
i sold a hooker: it did that the first day
PLL 31337: LOL!
PLL 31337: Well, then it's possible your motherboard wan't configured properly
PLL 31337: and your having some hardware issues
i sold a hooker: probably idk works on everybody elsesw comp but not mine
PLL 31337: I would take it back to the person who sold it to you
i sold a hooker: u ever heard of SMART.FTP
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: its an ftp client
PLL 31337: i use CuteFTP
i sold a hooker: wut u use it for
PLL 31337: lol, it's a file tranfer protocol client...
PLL 31337: transfer*
i sold a hooker: i no that
i sold a hooker: but wuts the purpose for it
PLL 31337: I use it to upload files to my websites, and as an SHH2 client
PLL 31337: SSH2*
i sold a hooker: sum guy told me u can hack wit it is that true?
PLL 31337: AHAHAHAHA!!!!!
PLL 31337: NO!
PLL 31337: LOL!!!!
PLL 31337: Who ever told you that is an idiot. LOL!
i sold a hooker: lol
PLL 31337: I mean, you could LOGIN or UPLOAD something, but thats not what you use to "hack"
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: Oh wow, that's funny
i sold a hooker: lol
i sold a hooker: u use dos to hack
PLL 31337: LOL, DOS?
PLL 31337: Or DoS?
i sold a hooker: idkfuck lol
PLL 31337: Well, DOS is not used to hack, but there are hacking tools that use the command line interface that may look like DOS.
PLL 31337: Like, you're probally thinking of movie hacking, which is BS.
i sold a hooker: well wuts the main tool to hack
PLL 31337: Depends on the job.
PLL 31337: nmap is used alot
PLL 31337: nessus
PLL 31337: PuTTY is an SSH client, but its needed alot
PLL 31337: metasploit uses CLI
i sold a hooker: i see
i sold a hooker: so u can hack websites tooo
PLL 31337: Yeah
i sold a hooker: so u could hack yahoo
i sold a hooker: like change a bunch of shit on there page
PLL 31337: No, not Yahoo,
PLL 31337: they have good security, it's not possible to hack ANY website.
i sold a hooker: o0o0o myspace??
PLL 31337: Heh, lets not talk about Myspace.
i sold a hooker: lol why not
PLL 31337: You figure it out.
i sold a hooker: u hacked it
PLL 31337: I said, let's not talk about Myspace.
i sold a hooker: well id like to no wut u did
PLL 31337: Who wouldn't.
i sold a hooker: how can i get afull version of retina for free
PLL 31337: Bittorrent?
i sold a hooker: wtf u tkin bout
PLL 31337: It's a P2P protocol
i sold a hooker: say u got wireless net on ur laptop and u goto sum1s house and u pick up a signal but it has a network key on it how u get pass tha
PLL 31337: Well, if it's using WEP encryption, it's easy.
PLL 31337: If it's using WPA, then that;s almost impossible crack
PLL 31337: But for WEP, you can use AirSNORT
i sold a hooker: how long u been doin thislong time huh
PLL 31337: Yeah, I guess
PLL 31337: I've been phone phreaking since I was 12
i sold a hooker: hacking??
PLL 31337: I don't remember
PLL 31337: Like 2003
i sold a hooker: wut can u do wit putty? the prog
PLL 31337: It's just an SSH/Telnet client
PLL 31337: it's got no "hacking" tools
PLL 31337: but it's used once you gain access
PLL 31337: It's a legit prog used every day to login to SSH servers
PLL 31337: mainly for remote admin
i sold a hooker: ok so afta u get there ip and find an open port then wut
PLL 31337: I told you, you look at the service
i sold a hooker: like there os
PLL 31337: That's what namp does
PLL 31337: nmap = Network Mapper
i sold a hooker: then wut
PLL 31337: a "service" is a server deamon running on the target Aachine.
PLL 31337: machine*
i sold a hooker: wut port do u go through
PLL 31337: For...
i sold a hooker: getin acfess to there comp
PLL 31337: Well, it depends on the O/S
PLL 31337: and the service
i sold a hooker: say its windows
PLL 31337: and what service?
PLL 31337: Well, most likely, on Windows
PLL 31337: The "service" that is found alot of times is a trojan horse
i sold a hooker: so wen u get in sum1s comp its like its on ur comp u can see thre files and shit
PLL 31337: and those you can connect to like on telent
PLL 31337: Well, sorta.
i sold a hooker: wut it looks like
PLL 31337: If you login to their VNC service, then it will look almost the same as what i would like if you were in front of their computer
PLL 31337: it*
PLL 31337: but mainy, you get command line access
PLL 31337: So, it looks *sorta* like what you see in movies
i sold a hooker: and u can delete there OS
PLL 31337: Well, thats stupid
i sold a hooker: yea i no i wouldnt do that
PLL 31337: That's something a dumb script kiddie would do
i sold a hooker: well wut made u wanna hack
PLL 31337: I don't know
PLL 31337: I guess it's cause I just like the challenge
PLL 31337: You know, it's like a thrill
i sold a hooker: yeaa lol
PLL 31337: I only hack for fun, I don't do anything like use viruses or anything like that
PLL 31337: That's like taboo
i sold a hooker: can uwrite them
PLL 31337: Yeah, i could, but there is do reason to
PLL 31337: That's like the dark side of hacking
PLL 31337: It;s not respectible at all
i sold a hooker: can u give me ur ip lol
PLL 31337: uh
PLL 31337: Why?
i sold a hooker: lol idk i was gunna run it in this prog i got
PLL 31337: Ok
PLL 31337: I have two firewalls, so have fun
PLL 31337:
PLL 31337: there ya go
i sold a hooker: wut u got
i sold a hooker: that cant be ur ip
PLL 31337: It is...
PLL 31337: try "ping" on your command lin
PLL 31337: e
PLL 31337: Are you getting anywhere?
i sold a hooker: i dont wanna ping
PLL 31337: ok?
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: What program are you trying?
i sold a hooker: it says u have 2 ports open
PLL 31337: What ports?
i sold a hooker: 135 and 445
PLL 31337: Lol, thnaks
PLL 31337: thanks*
i sold a hooker: lol y u said thanks
PLL 31337: No reason.
PLL 31337: Now my turn. What's your IP?
i sold a hooker: no u gunna fuck my shit up this my skool comp
i sold a hooker: but fa real y u said thank
i sold a hooker: wut r them ports
i sold a hooker: hello
i sold a hooker: ???
PLL 31337: it's WIndows RPC
i sold a hooker: i no but wut is that
PLL 31337: port 135 is that
PLL 31337: and 445 is Samba
PLL 31337: aka SMB
i sold a hooker: well y u said thank u
PLL 31337: 445 is windows file sharing, you know, like Shared Documents and what not
i sold a hooker: yea can u get access by that
PLL 31337: Yeah
i sold a hooker: how
PLL 31337: Well, to shared files
i sold a hooker: do u have an ip masker?
i sold a hooker: how u get to the shared files
PLL 31337: Open Windows Explorer
PLL 31337: Then type in the address bar:
PLL 31337: \\\
i sold a hooker: do u have an ip masker
PLL 31337: as in a proxy?
PLL 31337: Hello sir we have you an offer today ga
PLL 31337: srry
PLL 31337: never mind that last one
i sold a hooker: lol
i sold a hooker: yea a proxy
PLL 31337: yeah, of course
PLL 31337: did you try the windows share thing
i sold a hooker: no not yet y
i sold a hooker: how u get a proxie u gotta wut download a list r suthin
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: I like Steganos
PLL 31337: but
PLL 31337: not really
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: I mean, it's easy to use, but not al lthat great
PLL 31337: I acually like Tor the best
i sold a hooker: wut i do wit the list
PLL 31337: Well, the poxy lsit?
PLL 31337: proxy list*
i sold a hooker: yea
PLL 31337: Well, it's used with like a proxy program
i sold a hooker: oo0o0o i see
i sold a hooker: u can get my ip if i get in ur file sharing right
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: I mean, I could, but I don't have it set up right now
i sold a hooker: oo i downloaded Tor now wut i do wit it
PLL 31337: Read the intructions
i sold a hooker: i dont have any insturcyions lol
i sold a hooker: dunno wut too doo :-(
PLL 31337: go to tor.eff.org
PLL 31337: and read the instructions
i sold a hooker: i did that thing like put ur ip in ie all it did was bring me to printer sharing thingy
PLL 31337: Yeah, what type of printer did it list?
PLL 31337: ?
i sold a hooker: idk y lol
PLL 31337: Because, I am just wondering if my good printer is out in the open, lol
i sold a hooker: nun
PLL 31337: ?
i sold a hooker: it says nun is installed
PLL 31337: nun?
PLL 31337: as in none or acually "nun"?
i sold a hooker: none
i sold a hooker: lol
PLL 31337: oh, lol
PLL 31337: I see.
i sold a hooker: wut can port 135 doo
i sold a hooker: ??
PLL 31337: It's Windows remote procedure call
PLL 31337: it lets other programs talk to each other over a network
PLL 31337: If you own that, you own hard
i sold a hooker: i seee i seee
i sold a hooker: lol how can u own it
PLL 31337: Well, Google it, dude
PLL 31337: http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/originalContent/0,289142,sid14_gci917224,00.html
PLL 31337: theres some info
i sold a hooker: have u ever owned it
PLL 31337: No, no need to before.
i sold a hooker: oo00oo
i sold a hooker: well y u only have 2 ports open
i sold a hooker: this chcik sent me her ip
i sold a hooker:
i sold a hooker: lol
PLL 31337: who is it?
i sold a hooker: idk i asked her to right click and goto isert then ip lol
PLL 31337: AHAHA!
i sold a hooker: lol wut
PLL 31337: shes prob. not behind a firewall
i sold a hooker: i ran it on an ip scanner and it said it was dead
i sold a hooker: wuz up wit that
PLL 31337: well, if she was on dialup it changes when you logon and off
i sold a hooker: its charter communications ip :-\
PLL 31337: and thats not even a real ip address
PLL 31337: its too long
PLL 31337: oh
PLL 31337: nvm
PLL 31337: lol, i looked at it wrong
i sold a hooker: ran it on ipnetinfo
i sold a hooker: and ur ip is fake toooo haha
PLL 31337: acually
PLL 31337: it's no
PLL 31337: not*
PLL 31337: It's your own system
i sold a hooker: O:-)
i sold a hooker: :-\
PLL 31337: is localhost
i sold a hooker: hahah fuck i forgot bout that
i sold a hooker: well give me ur ip pleaseee
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: okay
PLL 31337:
i sold a hooker: probably made it up
PLL 31337: no, just try it
i sold a hooker: its googles ip nigga
PLL 31337: Hahah
i sold a hooker: so give me ur real ip ight
PLL 31337: mmk
PLL 31337:
i sold a hooker: man thats microsofy
i sold a hooker: im goin smoke brb
PLL 31337: k
i sold a hooker signed off at 12:11:02 AM.

I then just blocked the noob.
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They just won't learn [May. 16th, 2006|10:14 pm]
IoTa5473: hey wat up
PLL 31337: Oh, I guess your gonna be like your friends and threaten me, too?
PLL 31337: Oh wait, nvm
PLL 31337: I talked to you last night
IoTa5473: um no u dident
PLL 31337: Why don't I just call you? Your number is 247-4261, correct?
IoTa5473: ok freak how did u get this
PLL 31337: It's your own stupidity
PLL 31337: I'm posting this number on about 4 different hacker forums right now.

PLL 31337: Here's some advice. Don't mess with me again. You don't know who you are messing with.
BEAR0973: bitch please
PLL 31337: Fine.
PLL 31337: It's on.
BEAR0973: wat u gonna do
PLL 31337: You'll just have to wait and see.

If you want to call him, the area code is 337.
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OMG PHEER! [May. 15th, 2006|11:09 pm]
That last girl's got her boys after me. I'm pheering now.
SlamedKustoms: WASSUP
PLL 31337: The sky.
SlamedKustoms: rightt
PLL 31337: and this is....
SlamedKustoms: who is this?
SlamedKustoms: the names josh..
PLL 31337: Your the one who IMed me
SlamedKustoms: and who is this
SlamedKustoms: ?
PLL 31337: Im not saying
SlamedKustoms: phaa..ya names jeramy from crowely..
SlamedKustoms: anything else u wana know about urself?
PLL 31337: Yeah, what school do you go to
SlamedKustoms: notre dame
PLL 31337: what grade?
SlamedKustoms: 11th..
PLL 31337: Oh, cool
SlamedKustoms: what skool u go to
SlamedKustoms: and grade
PLL 31337: Notre Dame, 11
SlamedKustoms: o fa real
PLL 31337: no, for fake.
SlamedKustoms: well i didnt know they let fat ass motha fuckers like ya self into notre dame..
PLL 31337: yeah, they do
SlamedKustoms: and people with no lives like ya self
PLL 31337: i guess?
SlamedKustoms: was ya last name
PLL 31337: you know so much, you tell me
SlamedKustoms: emerson..
SlamedKustoms: nice...
SlamedKustoms: sounds like a gay dude fa sho
PLL 31337: yeah, read me like a book, eh?
SlamedKustoms: yup damn right
SlamedKustoms: ur wat like 16 17?
PLL 31337: no, acually 37
PLL 31337: i live in my parents basement
SlamedKustoms: haha..man now u lien...thought u went to notre dame..
PLL 31337: you told me i go to notre dame, so i must
SlamedKustoms: first off..ur fuckn blind.. Yeah, what school do you go to thas what u said
PLL 31337: you tell me
SlamedKustoms: ur 17..
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: thas what ya myspace says..
SlamedKustoms: umust be lien then
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: w/e..all i know is..if u ever fuck with some iota people again..ima hunt ya ass down and beat the living fuck out of u
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: aight if u say "if u say so" one more time
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: bruhh
SlamedKustoms: ima beat ya ass
PLL 31337: Whats the problem?
PLL 31337: If you have a problem, you can just tell me.
SlamedKustoms: i told u not to mess with any iota people
PLL 31337: Did I mess with any Iota people?
SlamedKustoms: yup
PLL 31337: Okay, when was this?
PLL 31337: Oh, I see.
SlamedKustoms: last night
SlamedKustoms: u imed her and called her house last night for some odd reason..
PLL 31337: Really now, that
PLL 31337: 's odd.
PLL 31337: I wasn't even here. Now how did I manage that?
Jeremys Mom: ur fuckn fat
PLL 31337: ok?
SlamedKustoms signed off at 11:09:18 PM.

Here's her boyfriend:
BEAR0973: hey wats up
PLL 31337: uh
PLL 31337: ok, this is already old
BEAR0973: wat
BEAR0973: u sent me a friend request on myspace
PLL 31337: I did not
BEAR0973: ya names jermey
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: its Mike
PLL 31337: Someone keeps messing with me
PLL 31337: if your one of them, please stop
BEAR0973: one of who
PLL 31337: people keep telling me i pissed off the wrong person
PLL 31337: i honestly dont know what i could have done
BEAR0973: http://www.myspace.com/jemerson
BEAR0973: someone sayed this was ya s/n
PLL 31337: who is that?
BEAR0973: idk
BEAR0973: i ask someone who this was and i click on ya myspace
PLL 31337: what?
PLL 31337: you IMed me, i dont know whats going on
BEAR0973: idk someone said that you go to ND and they gave me ya s/n after i showed them ya myspace
PLL 31337: well, i dont know who that is
BEAR0973: he goes to ND
BEAR0973: play f/b
BEAR0973: b-ball
BEAR0973: really tall
PLL 31337: uh, does he have a name?
BEAR0973: yea
BEAR0973: i thought u could tell me
PLL 31337: well, since i have no clue who your talking about right now, no
BEAR0973: u know leah paige
PLL 31337: no
BEAR0973: wat your courtney hanks
BEAR0973: bout*
PLL 31337: no
BEAR0973: well the dude im talkin bout is rusty
PLL 31337: uh, i dont know who that is
PLL 31337: whats really going on?
PLL 31337: i've been getting IMed tonight, and people act like they know me, i have no clue what this is all about
BEAR0973: wat ya 1st name just ya first
PLL 31337: i dont know why i should even say my name
BEAR0973: to see if i know who u are
BEAR0973: i know a lot of ppl from ND
BEAR0973: so 4 reak were u from
BEAR0973: real
PLL 31337: im not saying anything
PLL 31337: one of your friends is threatening me right now
BEAR0973: wait who?
PLL 31337: i dont know who this person is
PLL 31337: slamedkustoms is the s/n
PLL 31337: IMed me just before you did
BEAR0973: it dosent song familaie
BEAR0973: did he give u a name
PLL 31337: No, just threats
PLL 31337: I'm not too worried, really, I haven't even done anything.
BEAR0973: wats ya name im act like u mi boy and chew him out
BEAR0973: lol
PLL 31337: Im not saying, I cant trust anyone, for all I know, you could be the same person.
BEAR0973: i have no clue who he is
PLL 31337: Well, I have no clue who you are
BEAR0973: ight
BEAR0973: u
BEAR0973: wanna
BEAR0973: know
PLL 31337: i guess?
BEAR0973: in other words u wanna trade info
PLL 31337: no
BEAR0973: ok well the lets get on fuckin thing strat stop messin wit my gurl ok
PLL 31337: what
BEAR0973: im 6'4 280 and ima kick your ass if she prints out sumthin u imed her and shows me
PLL 31337: and who is "she"?
BEAR0973: u got her fuckin s/n
PLL 31337: is this some kind of joke?
PLL 31337: i dont get it
BEAR0973: fuck no
BEAR0973: lets see one thing u imed her wat that i wanna kiss u on ya lips and move up to your stomick
PLL 31337: uh, dude, I'm not a girl, so that line wont really work on me.
PLL 31337: plus, its kinda sick.
BEAR0973: u told her that u dumb fuck
PLL 31337: wait, me
PLL 31337: ?
BEAR0973: yea
PLL 31337: uh, now i know this is a joke? who is this? lol, im gonna kill you jason!
BEAR0973: bitch please
BEAR0973: this aint no joke
PLL 31337: yeah, riiight, lol, i gtg dude, see you tomorrow
PLL 31337: lol, good one, though, hahaha
BEAR0973: u wont see me tomarrow
BEAR0973: i go to fuckin IOTA
BEAR0973: if i see shit like that again thats ya ass
PLL 31337: hahaha, jason, lol, im SCARED
PLL 31337: you can stop now, jason
BEAR0973: hahaha
BEAR0973: this aint fuckin jason
PLL 31337: yeah right
PLL 31337: lol
BEAR0973: 4 real
PLL 31337: chill jason, its not even funny now
BEAR0973: im fuckin 18 and go to iota high
PLL 31337: no, your 15 and go to notre dame
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: ahahah
BEAR0973: haha
BEAR0973: no
BEAR0973: and play football
BEAR0973: 73
PLL 31337: alright, you ruined it, anyways, i gtg get some work done
PLL 31337: LOL!
PLL 31337: you playing football!
PLL 31337: AHAHAH!
PLL 31337: thats a joke!
PLL 31337: later jason!
BEAR0973: 4 iota
BEAR0973: bitch

I then blocked him. LOL, I'm pheering.
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Love Advice [May. 15th, 2006|10:02 pm]
NeedlePhreak000: so how do i report an underage myspace?
PLL 31337: its like in their about section or faq
PLL 31337: or contact
NeedlePhreak000: ok cool
NeedlePhreak000: thanks
NeedlePhreak000: damn all i can find is stuff about abuse nothing about reporting underage stuff
NeedlePhreak000: nevermind
NeedlePhreak000: so whats up?
PLL 31337: nm
NeedlePhreak000: i got my ged results today
PLL 31337: im gonna set up niggersnbiscuits.tk tomorrow
NeedlePhreak000: lol
PLL 31337: its gonna have links to nigger's myspace profiles
PLL 31337: and then its gonna have biscuit recipes
NeedlePhreak000: lol
NeedlePhreak000: thats funny
NeedlePhreak000: i got a really important question for you
NeedlePhreak000: how do i convince my girlfriends dad to let me see her (he's a cop too) and i'm 2 years and 4 moths older than her
PLL 31337: dude
PLL 31337: thats not bad at all
PLL 31337: shit
PLL 31337: i'd hit a 15 year old right now
PLL 31337: have HER talk to him
NeedlePhreak000: she is 15
PLL 31337: so what
PLL 31337: its not a big deal
NeedlePhreak000: she tried but it allways ends up in a fight
PLL 31337: just start talking to her n crap
PLL 31337: its not a big deal
NeedlePhreak000: i sent her flowers the other day and he said i have balls then he said it was like a smack in the face
PLL 31337: send her twice as many this time
NeedlePhreak000: well he sais i can't see her because i'm 18, and she isn't mature enough for me, and he thinks i'm a bad influence on her
PLL 31337: well, then your just screwed
NeedlePhreak000: he would get pissed
PLL 31337: because thats illegal
PLL 31337: wait till she's 16
PLL 31337: then its OK
NeedlePhreak000: i know
NeedlePhreak000: lol i wasn't planning on actually doing anything i just can't see her. i havn't ben able to see her since the 27th of march
NeedlePhreak000: and we have been together since the 23 of january
PLL 31337: well
PLL 31337: like i said
PLL 31337: wait till she is 16
PLL 31337: send flowers anyways
PLL 31337: the key is to get her mom on your side
NeedlePhreak000: he mom is on my side she loves me lol
PLL 31337: lol, do this
PLL 31337: send HER the flowers
PLL 31337: ahahaha
PLL 31337: show the old man you really do have balls
PLL 31337: ahahaha
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: but seriously
PLL 31337: send her flowers
PLL 31337: dont talk to her
PLL 31337: but send flowers
PLL 31337: your obaying her dad
PLL 31337: and
PLL 31337: he will see you care
PLL 31337: and in the note say something like "Because I Can't Talk To You, I'll Let The Flowers Do It For Me"
PLL 31337: or something gay like that
PLL 31337: and make sure its not those gay flowers
PLL 31337: get roses
PLL 31337: and call her with a relay op
PLL 31337: that way your not acually talking to her
PLL 31337: hahaha
NeedlePhreak000: haha i was thinking about writing out a big ol' speach like thing and so on. i was gonna tell him that i really do love her
NeedlePhreak000: how does that sound?
PLL 31337: HELLL NO!
PLL 31337: FUCK NO!
NeedlePhreak000: why not?
PLL 31337: HES A GUY!
PLL 31337: Look, you have to SHOW that you love her
PLL 31337: and the only way to do it is by obeying her dad
PLL 31337: and stuff like that
PLL 31337: send more freaking flowers
NeedlePhreak000: well the way things are going right now i won't be able to see her till she's 18
PLL 31337: i KNOW it will work
PLL 31337: oh come on
PLL 31337: he's a dad
PLL 31337: i'd be the same way
PLL 31337: what the hell does an 18 year old want to talk to my girl for?
PLL 31337: my little baby
PLL 31337: my ANGEL!
NeedlePhreak000: she told me that she heard him say. that if i get a job and save up some money then we can talk
PLL 31337: LOL!
PLL 31337: then do it
PLL 31337: if you love her
PLL 31337: once you get a job
PLL 31337: write him a letter
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: screw it
PLL 31337: call the man
PLL 31337: and tell him you got the job
NeedlePhreak000: thats what i was gonna do cqall him
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: calling him will show that you have balls
NeedlePhreak000: i wrote this really long letter to her. it was full of love and emotion and all that good stuff, it basicaly said how much i love her. and we both think he read it
PLL 31337: oh god
NeedlePhreak000: he told her that she used to be so happy and he wants to see her happy again. so he is gonna have to do some deep soul searching or somthing like that
PLL 31337: Your free trial has ended. Please PayPal giblee@gmail.com $30 for one more hour of counseling.
NeedlePhreak000: for real?
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: ahahhaa
NeedlePhreak000: haha damn
PLL 31337: Thats good
NeedlePhreak000: yeah it is
PLL 31337: tell her to act really sad
PLL 31337: around him
PLL 31337: so she like looks like shes feeling like shit
PLL 31337: like, stoned or somehting
NeedlePhreak000: yeah i was thinking abou that
PLL 31337: give her some adhd pills
PLL 31337: that sucks the life right outta me
PLL 31337: anyway
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: he will ask her why shes not happy
NeedlePhreak000: nah i don't want her doing drugs
PLL 31337: and then she can just say she misses you
PLL 31337: alot
PLL 31337: he's just trying to be a good dad
PLL 31337: cant blame him really
PLL 31337: i'd be scared out of my mind if i had a girl
PLL 31337: good thing mine's a boy
NeedlePhreak000: yeah i know i respect his rules and all that, but i feel like shit all the time and it's worse because she is grounded till tthe 24th so i can't really talk to her or anything
PLL 31337: hahaha
PLL 31337: PWNT!
PLL 31337: rofl
PLL 31337: sry
PLL 31337: lol
NeedlePhreak000: he told her that he was gonna have a real heart to heart talk with me
NeedlePhreak000: what?
PLL 31337: i'd fear that
NeedlePhreak000: why?
PLL 31337: i hate that kind of crap
PLL 31337: scares the shit out of me
NeedlePhreak000: why? what do you think he is gonna do?
PLL 31337: i dunno
PLL 31337: thats the problem
NeedlePhreak000: well that doesn't mean that i can't use that opportunity to talk him into letting us see each other
NeedlePhreak000: she said she truly thinks i can talk him into it
PLL 31337: yeeeaaahhh
PLL 31337: well
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: damn
PLL 31337: that will be hard
PLL 31337: dont lie
PLL 31337: are you a virgin?
NeedlePhreak000: i wasn't gonna
NeedlePhreak000: yes
PLL 31337: he wont beleive you
PLL 31337: lol
NeedlePhreak000: i know no one belives me
NeedlePhreak000: but i really am
PLL 31337: LOSER!
NeedlePhreak000: so
NeedlePhreak000: thats not a problem right now. i'll be able to handle that. i just want to get him to let us see each other
PLL 31337: hey, heres a solution
NeedlePhreak000: yeah?\
PLL 31337: you have an ipod?
NeedlePhreak000: no but she does
NeedlePhreak000: she has a nano
PLL 31337: tell her to let you borrow it
NeedlePhreak000: yeah?
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: put a song on it
PLL 31337: "Like a Virgin" from Madonna
NeedlePhreak000: lol
PLL 31337: play it during the talk
NeedlePhreak000: lol he will probably be like shut that off, and besides how will that help?
PLL 31337: Just tell him, "Just listen to the words"
PLL 31337: And once he heres that catchy beat, he'll be all into it.
NeedlePhreak000: ok
PLL 31337: No worrys at that point.
NeedlePhreak000: lol i perfer to relie on my witt and silver tounge
PLL 31337: Dude, trust me. The song is solid. It will get through to him.
NeedlePhreak000: what makes you so sure?
PLL 31337: It worked for my girl's dad.
PLL 31337: He was i ntears.
NeedlePhreak000: i'm not even too sure he will come over to talk to me
NeedlePhreak000: we will probably end up talking over the phone
PLL 31337: Then play it over the phone
PLL 31337: It works, just trust me
NeedlePhreak000: ok
NeedlePhreak000: damn
NeedlePhreak000: i hope this works
PLL 31337: It will, dude
NeedlePhreak000: i'll download it and play it over the phone
PLL 31337: Good idea
PLL 31337: You can tell him that is "our song"
PLL 31337: meaning you and her
NeedlePhreak000: lol
NeedlePhreak000: and i can use my witt to talk him into it
PLL 31337: Yeah, but the song is key
NeedlePhreak000: i really don't understand how the song is key
PLL 31337: Because dude, the song wraps up ya'lls situation so well, and it's got an emotional sub harmony that is used commonly in interagations to lighten the mood. That's why the song is so catchy. I study music structure, I know these things.
NeedlePhreak000: oh nice
PLL 31337: Yeah, so thats why the song is so key when you two talk.
NeedlePhreak000: oh okay i see
NeedlePhreak000: i hope this works
NeedlePhreak000: thanks dude
PLL 31337: No problem, feel free to ask me this stuff anytime.
PLL 31337: I'm here to help.
NeedlePhreak000: damn thanks dude ... i'll help you anytime
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Courtney Blair [May. 14th, 2006|03:16 pm]
PLL 31337: Hello
CourtneyBlair27: hey
PLL 31337: whats up courtney?
CourtneyBlair27: nuthin much
CourtneyBlair27: who is this
PLL 31337: mike fitzgerald
PLL 31337: duH!
CourtneyBlair27: ?????
PLL 31337: dont act liek you dont me
CourtneyBlair27: ok whatever
PLL 31337: lol, so, how you been, girl?
CourtneyBlair27: who is this
PLL 31337: MIKE!
CourtneyBlair27: how did you get my screen name
PLL 31337: why are you acting liek you dont know me?
PLL 31337: this hurts
CourtneyBlair27: cause i dont
CourtneyBlair27: where did i meet you
PLL 31337: in the mall
PLL 31337: duh
CourtneyBlair27: no this i stupid
CourtneyBlair27: is*
PLL 31337: well, im friends with darrin
CourtneyBlair27: darrin who
CourtneyBlair27: where are you from
CourtneyBlair27: what mall did we meet in
PLL 31337: its darrin morgan
PLL 31337: i dont think it was at the mall
PLL 31337: acually
PLL 31337: i think it was at a footballl game
CourtneyBlair27: a football game don't we go to school togetehr
PLL 31337: no, i go to notre dame
CourtneyBlair27: name sounds familiar but i don't know you
PLL 31337: oh come on baybee
CourtneyBlair27: how did you get my screen name
PLL 31337: i just... know things
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
CourtneyBlair27: your really pissin me off
PLL 31337: im sorry my baybee
CourtneyBlair27: did i ever talk to you before
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: i have had many dreams about us
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: i love you
CourtneyBlair27: i am gonna block you
PLL 31337: lets go get come coffee
PLL 31337: dont do that baybee
CourtneyBlair27: i will if you don't stop
PLL 31337: dont stop what? expressing my love for you?
CourtneyBlair27: who are you
PLL 31337: mike fitzgerald
CourtneyBlair27: ok i thought you were darrin morgan
PLL 31337: no, im his friend
CourtneyBlair27: ok
CourtneyBlair27: where do you go to school
PLL 31337: uh, i told you
PLL 31337: notre dame
CourtneyBlair27: ok
CourtneyBlair27: how did you get my screen name
PLL 31337: you gave it to me
PLL 31337: at the game
CourtneyBlair27: no i didn't
PLL 31337: yes you did
PLL 31337: remember?
CourtneyBlair27: no
CourtneyBlair27: what football game
PLL 31337: i was starring at those amazing eyes, and then you asked what my problem was
PLL 31337: and you started laughing
PLL 31337: and then we talked
PLL 31337: and you gave me your S/N
CourtneyBlair27: no i didn't
PLL 31337: uhh, yeah you did
CourtneyBlair27: ok what football game was it
CourtneyBlair27: ??
PLL 31337: i dont remember
CourtneyBlair27: who was playing
PLL 31337: i think, was it when you were playing churchpoint?
CourtneyBlair27: yea this is bullshit cause i am a cheerleader so i was on the side lines the whole time
PLL 31337: yeah, your so buitiful
PLL 31337: im in love with you
PLL 31337: love isnt bullshit
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: you dont believe me?
PLL 31337: what can i do to prove my love?
PLL 31337: what?
CourtneyBlair27: never speak to me again
PLL 31337: awe come on baybeee
PLL 31337: dont be that way
PLL 31337: im gonna tell leah about this
CourtneyBlair27: leah who
PLL 31337: leah paige, who you think?
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know leah
PLL 31337: from tootie
PLL 31337: poor guy
CourtneyBlair27: who else do you know that i am friends with
PLL 31337: amanda prob
PLL 31337: probly*
CourtneyBlair27: yea how do you know amanda
PLL 31337: why are you keep asking me this stuff
PLL 31337: i met her from leah
CourtneyBlair27: cause i dont' know you
CourtneyBlair27: where did you meet them
PLL 31337: why do you keep asking me all of this its really none of your business where we met baybee
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: so, you wanna like do something next weekend?
CourtneyBlair27: i don't know you
PLL 31337: well, we can get to know each other this way
CourtneyBlair27: please stop talkin to me
PLL 31337: why baybee?
PLL 31337: i love you
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: but i do
PLL 31337: your like so amazing
CourtneyBlair27: you don't know me
PLL 31337: yeah, well, i'll tell you about me
PLL 31337: im 5'6
PLL 31337: blue eyes
PLL 31337: short brown hair
PLL 31337: and im DAYEM sexeh
PLL 31337: you there?
CourtneyBlair27: ?
CourtneyBlair27: what grade are you in
PLL 31337: 11
CourtneyBlair27: who are you friends with
PLL 31337: darrin morgan
PLL 31337: my god
PLL 31337: i've told ytou that
CourtneyBlair27: who is in your classes at ND
who are in your classes at ND
PLL 31337: can i tell you something real quick i have to get off my chest?
CourtneyBlair27: first tell me who are in your classes
PLL 31337: phillip brown
PLL 31337: anyway
PLL 31337: i want to passionately kiss you on your lips, and move up to your belly
CourtneyBlair27: do you know a tyler broussard
PLL 31337: yes
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know him
PLL 31337: foootball, beotch
PLL 31337: thats one short mutha
CourtneyBlair27: do you know ryan roger and cody huesers
PLL 31337: roger is my home boi
PLL 31337: wild bill is stupid
PLL 31337: lol
CourtneyBlair27: do you know cassidy stoma
PLL 31337: yeah, who doesnt
CourtneyBlair27: ok who is her best friend
PLL 31337: umm, maybe megan?
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: how am i supposed to know?
PLL 31337: i dont care
CourtneyBlair27: ok
PLL 31337: lets talk about us
CourtneyBlair27: do you know umm zach meche
PLL 31337: do you know, uhhh, mike hunt?
CourtneyBlair27: nope
PLL 31337: mike hunt is the man
PLL 31337: ask someone at your house if they know mike hunt, he's famous
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: why?
PLL 31337: not?
CourtneyBlair27: i don't feel like it
CourtneyBlair27: and its doesn't really matter
PLL 31337: i want to passionately kiss you on your lips, and move up to your belly
CourtneyBlair27: quit changing the subject
PLL 31337: girl, you have no clue what i just said
CourtneyBlair27: yes i do
CourtneyBlair27: i would just really like for you to leave me alone
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: that is out of the question
CourtneyBlair27: i will block you
PLL 31337: that doesnt matter
PLL 31337: i will still talk to you
CourtneyBlair27: how
CourtneyBlair27: you know nuthin about me
PLL 31337: oh, but i do my buitiful goodess
PLL 31337: goddess*
CourtneyBlair27: what do you know about me
PLL 31337: your hot
CourtneyBlair27: what else
PLL 31337: You like Rascal Flatts
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know that
PLL 31337: i told you, i know things
PLL 31337: hehehe
CourtneyBlair27: whats my favorite song by them
PLL 31337: what hurts the most
PLL 31337: i think...
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know that
PLL 31337: i just told you, i know things
CourtneyBlair27: why do i like that song
PLL 31337: i cant read your mind, lol
CourtneyBlair27: well it has a meaning to it
CourtneyBlair27: and i was just wonderin if you knew
PLL 31337: oh
PLL 31337: well, maybe you can tell me the meaning in person
CourtneyBlair27: its ok thats my buisness i don't dicuss it with ppl
CourtneyBlair27: only my close friends know that
PLL 31337: well, next time leah and i have sex, i'll ask
CourtneyBlair27: do you know who my best friend is
PLL 31337: your best friend is ashley nicole
CourtneyBlair27: yea and not
CourtneyBlair27: no**
PLL 31337: okay?
CourtneyBlair27: she is my best friend but not just a friend
PLL 31337: what, you too experiment with each other or something?
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: oh
PLL 31337: cause thats sexy
CourtneyBlair27: shes my sister
PLL 31337: thats even sexier!!!
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: your sister knows mike hunt,
PLL 31337: i mean, i know she knows him
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know
PLL 31337: he told me that he knew one of your friends
PLL 31337: you would think he;d tell me you were sisters
CourtneyBlair27: oo
PLL 31337: ask her
PLL 31337: does she know him?
CourtneyBlair27: shes sleepin
PLL 31337: wake her up
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: come on
PLL 31337: well she wake up if the phone rings?
CourtneyBlair27: what phone
PLL 31337: let me just call it
PLL 31337:
PLL 31337: ring ring
CourtneyBlair27: none of my phones are ringin
PLL 31337: now?
PLL 31337:
PLL 31337: Why did you hang up, my love?
CourtneyBlair27: how do you have my number
PLL 31337: I told you, I know things
CourtneyBlair27: o
CourtneyBlair27: h/o a second
PLL 31337: to what?
CourtneyBlair27: i have to go feed my dog i will be right back
PLL 31337: ok, i'll call you
PLL 31337: later my love
PLL 31337: i must go to sleep, and dream about you
PLL 31337: bye
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Ya Mamma! [May. 11th, 2006|08:37 pm]
Meltskin: hey cuz
PLL 31337: hey fuz
Meltskin: whats up
Meltskin: im watching unauthorized access
PLL 31337: ya mamma
Meltskin: have you ever seen it
PLL 31337: ya mamma?
Meltskin: no
Meltskin: not my mamma
Meltskin: unauthorized access
PLL 31337: oh
Meltskin: ?
Meltskin: have you
PLL 31337: oh
PLL 31337: oh!
Meltskin: stop
Meltskin: thats gay
PLL 31337: oh?
Meltskin: oh indeed
PLL 31337: oh henry!
Meltskin: lol
PLL 31337: lol?
Meltskin: where can i pick up some cheap monitors?
PLL 31337: ya mamma
Meltskin: you can die
PLL 31337: ya mamma can die!
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Phillip Leblanc [May. 2nd, 2006|04:48 pm]
PhillipL 09: hey
PLL 31337: hey
PLL 31337: and this is...
PhillipL 09: phillipl
PLL 31337: ohkay...
PhillipL 09: phillip leblanc
PhillipL 09: im friends w/ dusty
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: let me guess, you want porn passwords or myspace passwords?
PhillipL 09: hahah no but if ur offering
PLL 31337: nope
PhillipL 09: lol
PLL 31337: well, just ask chad oustalet about my porn passwords, ahahahah
PhillipL 09: chance?
PLL 31337: yeah, w/e
PhillipL 09: y u gave him some
PLL 31337: lol, not really
PhillipL 09: i remember him sayin somethin bout that a while back
PLL 31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/6788.html
PLL 31337: thats the chat logs
PLL 31337: lol
PhillipL 09: those really porn passwords?
PLL 31337: lmao
PhillipL 09: cuz i dont wanna click on them if its a virus r somethin
PLL 31337: its not a virus
PLL 31337: go ahead, you'll like it
PhillipL 09: alright
PhillipL 09: lmao thats fuckin tight
PLL 31337: yeah
PhillipL 09: how do i get it to stop?
PLL 31337: i dunno, you figure it out
PLL 31337: ahahahhaha
PLL 31337: j/k
PLL 31337: Press Cntrl+Alt+Del
PLL 31337: then end IE
PLL 31337: you get it?
PhillipL 09: i clicke control+alt+del and the windows task manager came up and i cliked on end process...that right?
PLL 31337: yep
PhillipL 09: it still sayin that shit
PLL 31337: lmao
PhillipL 09: and the pages keep comin up
PLL 31337: lmao
PhillipL 09: wut do i do?
PLL 31337: pray
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: no, i thik i can help ya
PLL 31337: ahaha
PLL 31337: in the task manager
PLL 31337: click on the "processes" tab
PLL 31337: then click when it says "Name"
PLL 31337: then scroll down till you find iexplore.exe and select it
PLL 31337: then click End Process
PLL 31337: it ask you if you really want to
PLL 31337: then click OK or Yes
PLL 31337: and then its all OK :-)
PhillipL 09: what about the click wear it says name r w/e
PhillipL 09 signed off at 4:16:34 PM.
PhillipL 09 signed on at 4:19:08 PM.
PhillipL 09: shit
PLL 31337: hey buddy
PhillipL 09: lol
PhillipL 09: my computer shut off
PLL 31337: rofl
PhillipL 09: send that chat log again so i can c the rest of the websites
PLL 31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/6788.html
PhillipL 09: they all do different stuff like that?
PLL 31337: lol, dude, its the same thing
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: you didnt see the warnign at the top? ahaha
PLL 31337: ahaha
PhillipL 09: oh
PhillipL 09: but every one u click on has web pages pop up saying im looking at gay porn
PhillipL 09: ?
PLL 31337: yep
PLL 31337: no porn for you today
PLL 31337: ahahaha
PhillipL 09: lol
PhillipL 09: u have anymore of them joke things
PhillipL 09: i wanna send them to ppl
PhillipL 09: ???
PLL 31337: heh
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: not for noobs who fall for it
PhillipL 09: lol
PhillipL 09: c'mon i wanna fuck with all my friends
PLL 31337: then go to their house and bring some lube, i aint stoppin ya
PhillipL 09: lol
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Ya Mamma! [Apr. 23rd, 2006|03:42 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

dirtrider7654: who is this
PLL 31337: ya mamma
dirtrider7654: who is this
PLL 31337: ya mamma
dirtrider7654: who the hell is this
PLL 31337: ya mamma
dirtrider7654: ok
dirtrider7654 signed off at 3:37:51 PM.
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Welcome to my World [Feb. 24th, 2006|09:33 pm]
[mood |guiltyguilty]

her: hey
me: hey
her: how old are you?
me: 17
her: me too
her: u still in high school?
me: no
her: k
me: im homeschooled
her: kool i guess
her: my brothers were home schooled
me: its not cool
her: y?
me: very boaring .lol
her: mmmmm
her: i hate being in school
her: what grade would u be in if u were in school?
me: 11th
her: k
her: damn it
her: my nefew just broke my phone
her: so what u do all day./
her: ?
me: school
her: u dont get breaks?
her: to so things
me: no, my mom beats me too
her: sounds boring
me: she wont let me leave the house cause i might tell people
her: tell ppl what
me: that she beats me
her: y dont u leave?
her: ur old enough
me: no, my dad shot me in the foot last time i tried to leave and told me if i tried again he'd kill me
her: call the cops and tell come get u
her: r u fucking serious?
me: they took all the phones away
me: yes im serious
her: y they let u on the computer?
me: they said no one would beleive me
me: no one ever does
her: i do
me: really? you do?
me: are you there?
me: they are coming
me: help me
her: ok
her: im freaked
her: yes i do
her: u there?
me: i dont know where we live, they dont let me outside, all i see is a feild
her: how long has this been happening?
me: i dont know
her: u dont know
me: you kinda leave track of time
me: loose*
her: ok
her: on a messenger list
me: list?
me: where?
her: on the internet
her: i did a search for ppl
her: in crowley
me: oh
me: i know how to get to highway 13
me: but i cant go without them knowing
her: thats threw eunice
her: that goes threw eunice
me: is there any way you can help me?
her: not unless i know ur address
me: i dont know it
me: they wont let me know
her: then im sorry i cant help
me: im going to die
me: arent i?
her: u never see the mail?
her: no
her: u need to try leaving
her: and keep trying
me: dad said he would kill me if i did
her: better than dieing alone
her: hell if i was u id already killed them
me: my hands are weak
her: parents or no parents
her: get his shot gun or a butcher knfe
me: they hurt my hands to make it hard to get away
her: knife
me: he keeps his gun with him
her: try finding out ur address
me: i cant
her: y?
me: mom and dad do not allow me to leave my room
me: sometimes they let me leave
her: how do they know if u leave ur room
me: they are always watching me
her: damn dude
her: well hurt yourself theyll have to bring u to they hospital
me: i tried that
her: what u did?
me: they told me i could just die
me: and they didnt feed me that day
me: i broke my arm
her: ouch
her: i dont know what to tell u
her: i fi could help u i woulc
her: would
me: i'll try tonight, if i dont talk to you tomorrow, then they have killed me
me: so hope that you talk to me tomorrow
her: ok
her: im fucking freaked
me: welcome to my world

At this point I signed off. Here's a little something that makes no sense. If I escaped, then how would I be able to talk to her without being on my computer? No matter what happens, I wouldn't be able to talk to her anyway. Of corse, tomorrow I won't talk to her and probaly never will again. This sounds like a good opening to a survivor movie.
I'm a little too evil sometimes.
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