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Goodbye, Rachel! [Feb. 24th, 2006|03:18 pm]
[mood |crushedcrushed]

RedApples808: why aren't you at school?
Auto response from RaCHe BuCH77: I am away from my computer right now.
RaCHe BuCH77: i was at school you fucktard
RaCHe BuCH77 returned at 3:15:57 PM.
RedApples808: lol
RedApples808: we kept signing on and off
RedApples808: you*
RaCHe BuCH77: im not laughin go away
RaCHe BuCH77: im fucking blocking you your so ficking aggrevateing
RaCHe BuCH77: ugh
RedApples808: llol
RaCHe BuCH77 signed off at 3:18:14 PM.

And so it ends! So sad...
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Rachel! [Feb. 22nd, 2006|10:15 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

RedApples808: hey
RaCHe BuCH77: whos this?
RedApples808: A good old friend
RaCHe BuCH77: this is jeremy huh
RaCHe BuCH77: ?
RedApples808: no...
RaCHe BuCH77: yes it is
RedApples808: no, it's not, i have heard of him. He's that sexeh dude holding a gun on myspace, huh?
RaCHe BuCH77: i wouldnt say sexy..
RedApples808: well, he's pretty hot
RaCHe BuCH77: yeah i wouldnt say that either.
RedApples808: well, I would.
RaCHe BuCH77: ok well i guess thats ur opinion
RaCHe BuCH77: where do u live now?
RedApples808: Crowley, LA
RaCHe BuCH77: really?
RedApples808: yeah
RaCHe BuCH77: can u drive and all now?
RedApples808: yeah
RedApples808: 17
RaCHe BuCH77: luckyy.
RaCHe BuCH77: i have one more year
RedApples808: You'll be 15 soon, then you can drive
RaCHe BuCH77: yeapp.
RaCHe BuCH77: finally
RedApples808: so, how have you been? your in 8th grade still, right?
RaCHe BuCH77: good i guess. and yeah im in 8th
RaCHe BuCH77: how have u been?
RedApples808: great
RedApples808: i've got a somewhat busy job
RedApples808: and am teh popular with tha ladies :-)
RaCHe BuCH77: well thats good.
RaCHe BuCH77: but some how i dont really beleive that.
RaCHe BuCH77: lol
RaCHe BuCH77: whats yuour job
RaCHe BuCH77: ?
RedApples808: i do computer design
RedApples808: err
RedApples808: web design
RedApples808: build/repair computers
RedApples808: program
RedApples808: you know
RedApples808: all that geeky stuff
RaCHe BuCH77: o thats kool
RedApples808: I bought myself an iPod Nano for christmas, and lost it a week ago
RedApples808: that sucks
RaCHe BuCH77: i kno i lost mine too.
RedApples808: now i have to buy a new one
RaCHe BuCH77: it wasnt nano tho
RedApples808: whas it a shuffle?
RaCHe BuCH77: i dont have the money to buy a new one
RaCHe BuCH77: yeah
RedApples808: I may just get an iPod Video so it wont be as easy to loose
RedApples808: and if I do find the Nano, it'll be cool
RedApples808: I modded mine, though
RaCHe BuCH77: hey you wanna donate me some money..:-)
RedApples808: It played games and video
RedApples808: ahaha
RedApples808: only if you date me
RedApples808: lol
RedApples808: http://jeremyemerson.com/gallery.php?file=iPod%20Nano/
RaCHe BuCH77: no lol
RedApples808: those are some photos of it
RedApples808: im sure Chris will like the games
RaCHe BuCH77: ok
RedApples808: you should check out the rest of my site, its awesome, much like me
RaCHe BuCH77: wow you really think you the shit dont you
RedApples808: i am
RedApples808: thats the deal
RaCHe BuCH77: uh huh..
RedApples808: did your myspcae profile ever get deleted?
RaCHe BuCH77: yes that fag tom
RaCHe BuCH77: but i got a new one
RedApples808: FO REAL? AHAHA
RaCHe BuCH77: www.myspace.com/racheldoesitbest
RedApples808: i reported you for being underage
RedApples808: LOL!
RaCHe BuCH77: uh huh sure
RedApples808: i really did
RaCHe BuCH77: ok
RedApples808: i reported you and your hot friend
RaCHe BuCH77: jeremy r u kidding me?
RaCHe BuCH77: please dont do it again
RedApples808: im not
RedApples808: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=misc.faq&faqQuestionId=29
RedApples808: see read that
RedApples808: ahaha
RedApples808: that worked, its awesome
RaCHe BuCH77: i am
RaCHe BuCH77: 14
RedApples808: i know, but i lied
RedApples808: MUAHAHA
RaCHe BuCH77: ugh your such a fucking ass hole
RaCHe BuCH77: why did u do that
RaCHe BuCH77: ??????
RedApples808: cause im in love with you
RedApples808: and if i cant have you, know one will
RedApples808: hahaha
RaCHe BuCH77: bruh your gay, get a life
RedApples808: i know
RedApples808: i sorta have one
RedApples808: but messing w/ people is more fun
RedApples808: wouldn't you agree?
RaCHe BuCH77: no
RedApples808: i guess your right
RedApples808: why is it that everytime I IM you i cant just talk?
RedApples808: i have to harass you... its like, its what i was made to do
RedApples808: or something
RedApples808: you dont hate me, do you? :-(
RaCHe BuCH77: o its more than hate.
RedApples808: awe, thats not good
RedApples808: you've given me great content for my site
RaCHe BuCH77: ok thats wonderful
RedApples808: Remember March 6th, 2005?
RaCHe BuCH77: yeah
RaCHe BuCH77: a year later and you STIIL dont have a life
RedApples808: yeah
RedApples808: your correct
RedApples808: At least I can look back on all the great convos we've had
RedApples808: here: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/
RaCHe BuCH77: you really are sick arent you?
RedApples808: i am
RedApples808: i went to the doctor about it
RedApples808: but he was a foot doctor i think
RedApples808: i recall him sauing he had a PHD in kicking my ass
RedApples808: i dont go to him anymore
RaCHe BuCH77: do u reallly think i care?
RedApples808: it doesnt matter to me
RedApples808: i can always see that made up, nice version of you in my head
RedApples808: thats what has kept me going the past year
RaCHe BuCH77: uh ok.
RedApples808: i'll let you go now
RedApples808: i like to talk to you everyone in awhile
RedApples808: to varify you are real so i know i havent gone crazy or anything
RedApples808: i'll see you later, but the question is.... will you see me?
RaCHe BuCH77: in your dreams
RedApples808: goodbye my love
RaCHe BuCH77: w/e
RedApples808: SAY BYE!
RaCHe BuCH77: no
RaCHe BuCH77: no
RedApples808: SAY IT!
RaCHe BuCH77: go away
RedApples808: NOW!
RedApples808: PLEEEEASE
RaCHe BuCH77 signed off at 10:16:30 PM.
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Wazzle! [Sep. 28th, 2005|11:07 pm]
[mood |drunkdrunk]

(22:10:59) gib_lee: i hate i
(22:11:05) wazzledoozle: ??
(22:11:24) gib_lee: i invite u
(22:11:28) gib_lee: i hate u
(22:11:35) wazzledoozle: !?!?!?
(22:11:38) gib_lee: i go o bed now
(22:11:42) wazzledoozle: wtf?
(22:11:46) wazzledoozle: talk 2 me sexy
(22:11:50) gib_lee: ok puddin man
(22:11:55) wazzledoozle: wtf u invite me?
(22:12:03) gib_lee: i invite u to it
(22:12:06) gib_lee: ok
(22:12:13) wazzledoozle: ok lay off the weed man
(22:12:18) gib_lee: kthx
(22:12:27) wazzledoozle: where have u been?
(22:12:29) wazzledoozle: fill me in
(22:12:32) gib_lee: i did
(22:12:36) wazzledoozle: no you didnt
(22:12:40) gib_lee: i invite u
(22:13:08) wazzledoozle: TO WHAT YOU STUPID FUCKER
(22:13:26) wazzledoozle: holy fucking shit
(22:13:28) wazzledoozle: are you high?
(22:13:30) wazzledoozle: drunk?
(22:13:30) gib_lee: i invite u
(22:13:36) gib_lee: tp it
(22:13:52) wazzledoozle: im going to stab you in
(22:13:53) gib_lee: u is lay off
(22:13:54) wazzledoozle: 5
(22:13:55) wazzledoozle: 4
(22:13:56) wazzledoozle: 3
(22:13:57) wazzledoozle: 2
(22:13:58) wazzledoozle: 1
(22:14:00) wazzledoozle: stab
(22:14:04) gib_lee: kthx
(22:14:13) gib_lee: i invite u
(22:14:22) wazzledoozle: im going to block you now unless you start to make sense
(22:14:30) gib_lee: kthx
(22:14:35) wazzledoozle: 5
(22:14:36) wazzledoozle: 4
(22:14:38) wazzledoozle: 3
(22:14:39) wazzledoozle: 2
(22:14:42) gib_lee: 1
(22:14:43) wazzledoozle: 1
(22:14:43) wazzledoozle: 0
(22:14:53) gib_lee: i invite u to it
(22:14:56) wazzledoozle logged out.
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Edward Leafe [Sep. 9th, 2005|08:34 am]
[mood |thirstythirsty]

PLL 31337: hello ed!
edwardleafe: ...and you are?
PLL 31337: Mike
PLL 31337: long time, no talk, eh?
edwardleafe: mike who?
PLL 31337: fitzgerald
edwardleafe: where do I know you from?
PLL 31337: we had a date, remember?
edwardleafe signed off at 8:30:45 AM.

m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Come on, man! You said you loved me at the gay bar!
edwardleafe signed off at 8:31:49 AM.

RedApples808: Don't hide yer feelings for me!
edwardleafe signed off at 8:32:33 AM.

He don't wuv meh.
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I helped! [Aug. 18th, 2005|03:53 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

Ahahaha! This is weird, I help a guy out, lol, and talk to his girl.
PLL 31337: hey n stuff
PLL 31337: your liek a tol noob
youre real neat: hello
PLL 31337: j/k
PLL 31337: Your real neat, ya know?
youre real neat: of course i know
PLL 31337: your also a chick, huh?
youre real neat: umm, Yes.
PLL 31337: are you the hot?
youre real neat: duh
youre real neat: who are you?
PLL 31337: i pwn
PLL 31337: show me your foe-toes
youre real neat: neg sir.
PLL 31337: awe come on baybee, ya know ya wanna
youre real neat: haha
youre real neat: not until you tell me who you are
PLL 31337: I'm D31337
PLL 31337: pronounced "deleet"
youre real neat: thats def. no way of identification
PLL 31337: Uh, you want my name?
youre real neat: sure
PLL 31337: uhh... why? i phj33r teh wrath of my docs being dropped
youre real neat: haha
youre real neat: so you know cody/
PLL 31337: Heh, yeah
youre real neat: i can tell
PLL 31337: aren't you his cousin?
youre real neat: ummmNo.
PLL 31337: then who are you>
youre real neat: i'm his gf
PLL 31337: oh, he told me he was gay, imdidnt know, lol
youre real neat: whatever you say
PLL 31337: haha, im just kiddin
PLL 31337: so, you play halo?
youre real neat: i did once and it didn't turn out very well
PLL 31337: lol
youre real neat: soo pretty much no
PLL 31337: he tells me your hot, but i dont know if its true or not :-)
youre real neat: haha
youre real neat: it is
youre real neat: but him more so than me
PLL 31337: prove it
youre real neat: why?
PLL 31337: because he said his gf looks hatter than pamela anderson
PLL 31337: hotter*
youre real neat: xD
PLL 31337: he also said your the greatest thing that has ever happened to him
PLL 31337: lucky him
youre real neat: thanks for the info
PLL 31337: lol, doesn't he tell you this?
youre real neat: not really
youre real neat: but sometimes
youre real neat: lol
PLL 31337: he talks about you like he just won the lottery
youre real neat: he doesnt tell me that
PLL 31337: wow, i guess i said too much then...
youre real neat: no you didnt
youre real neat: go on
PLL 31337: well, he talks about you alot, sometimes i dont read it because he just names every little thing
youre real neat: seriously?
PLL 31337: yeah
youre real neat: i didnt know guys did that lol
youre real neat: but sweet
PLL 31337: yeah, he's crazy
youre real neat: do you have any of those convos still?
PLL 31337: no, i dont have a logging program
youre real neat: dag
PLL 31337: your not going to tell him i said this, are you? he might get mad at me....
youre real neat: no i wont if you dont want me too
PLL 31337: please dont, lol
youre real neat: alright then
PLL 31337: thanks
youre real neat: np

I am a nice guy, really, lol!!!
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Roxeh [Jun. 29th, 2005|11:36 am]
(11:20:44) roxanna12345: dude!!
(11:20:53) roxanna12345: you got the cash??
(11:21:01) gib_lee: yep
(11:21:31) roxanna12345: good I was worried that the mexican commandos were going to steal it
(11:21:44) gib_lee: nice card, btw
(11:22:08) roxanna12345: what was it? I forgot
(11:23:25) gib_lee: a bear with a flower
(11:23:31) roxanna12345: oh yeah
(11:23:31) gib_lee: http://cal.phonelosers.org/forum/qbuy-81732-19.htm
(11:23:54) roxanna12345: was it real??
(11:24:17) gib_lee: was what real?
(11:24:20) gib_lee: the post?
(11:24:38) roxanna12345: no the dox
(11:24:54) gib_lee: lmao, no i just typed in the edited by stuff
(11:24:56) gib_lee: ahahaha
(11:24:59) roxanna12345: you should ahve posted it late at night before rbcp woke up
(11:25:01) gib_lee: got them, didn't i
(11:25:08) roxanna12345: yeah but I don't care really
(11:25:20) roxanna12345: well I do, but you know what can I do about it? not much.
(11:25:27) gib_lee: right
(11:25:37) gib_lee: and you sent it to my dad's office
(11:25:56) gib_lee: so you dont have my docs
(11:25:58) gib_lee: :P
(11:26:01) roxanna12345: yeah it was a po box
(11:26:07) roxanna12345: I knew I didn't have yours, silly
(11:26:10) roxanna12345: I don't care enough!
(11:26:44) gib_lee: lmaoi
(11:27:20) roxanna12345: next time though if you want to post them wait until no one is awake then the people that get there first will see it and it will leak out before someone actually edits the post.
(11:27:33) roxanna12345: but wait until Aug 15th to do that....
(11:28:09) gib_lee: lmao
(11:28:14) gib_lee: i dont drop docs
(11:28:30) gib_lee: i have yours, liifes, apprentace phreaks, and mr. docs
(11:28:47) roxanna12345: wow, I'm on the list, I'm so special
(11:28:59) gib_lee: thats not meaning much
(11:29:01) roxanna12345: now you can stalk me until I move
(11:29:05) roxanna12345: I gtg bye!!
(11:29:10) gib_lee: i'm giving your docs to murdoc
(11:29:15) roxanna12345: cool!
(11:29:23) gib_lee: they'll be on murd0c.net tonight
(11:29:28) gib_lee: enjoy!

(11:29:36) roxanna12345: murd0c.net is contentless!
(11:29:43) roxanna12345: so it'll be great to have something up there
(11:29:52) gib_lee: thanks for the money, btw, now i can buy hotwheels!
(11:29:55) roxanna12345: hey was it you that called me at work?
(11:30:07) roxanna12345: no problem! I used to play with hotwheels too!
(11:30:13) gib_lee: i didnt call you
(11:30:18) roxanna12345: yes you did!
(11:30:19) gib_lee: i dont have j00r number
(11:30:29) roxanna12345: will it wouldn't be hard knowing my city
(11:30:35) gib_lee: i may have, give me the number so i can check
(11:31:27) roxanna12345: you did too! you can't hide the truth! I'm coming to get you! I'm not too far away! See you in 12 hours, and I'm bringing an assbeating with me so prepare your face for maximum breakage!
(11:31:37) gib_lee: lmao
(11:31:42) gib_lee: your liek a tol noob
(11:31:44) gib_lee: lol
(11:31:48) roxanna12345: see you soon!
(11:31:53) gib_lee: can we have sex after you beat me?
(11:32:00) roxanna12345: oh heck NO
(11:32:10) gib_lee: ive got a boner!
(11:32:16) roxanna12345: good for you!!
(11:32:18) roxanna12345: I don't care!
(11:32:21) gib_lee: :'(
(11:32:58) roxanna12345: I know what you look like and where your daddy works so it won't be too hard to find you. I hope you have health insurance.
(11:33:07) gib_lee: i do!
(11:33:21) gib_lee: i'll stun you with my hawt looks and my stun gun!
(11:34:12) roxanna12345: I'm a man and I'm coming to Louisiana right now to beat your ass, grab my nes games, and I'll be gone before you know it! bye loser!
(11:34:26) gib_lee: bye!
(11:34:30) gib_lee: see you soon!
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Yah, I'm pretty great... [Jun. 16th, 2005|11:04 am]
[mood |workingworking]

PLL 31337: hey molly
yahimprettygreat: hi
PLL 31337: it's chaboy
yahimprettygreat: what
PLL 31337: im adam's friend
yahimprettygreat: i kno
yahimprettygreat: w
PLL 31337: wanna cyber>
PLL 31337: ?
yahimprettygreat: oh yeah
PLL 31337: sweet
PLL 31337: gots a cam?
yahimprettygreat: yeah
PLL 31337: turn it on ma baybee
yahimprettygreat: its 3.99 a minute to watch :-\
PLL 31337: wtf
PLL 31337: lmao
yahimprettygreat: sorry
yahimprettygreat: adams my number one customer
PLL 31337: thats not fair
PLL 31337: im boned
PLL 31337: and i want ta see your hawt pics
yahimprettygreat: yeah like i said
yahimprettygreat: if you paypal me some money i can hook you up
PLL 31337: nood?
yahimprettygreat: yeah
PLL 31337: feee sample kthx
yahimprettygreat: k
yahimprettygreat: not nude though ok
PLL 31337: k
yahimprettygreat: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v30/mdnightdoll/15.jpg
PLL 31337: your hot
yahimprettygreat: thanks
PLL 31337: gots another?
yahimprettygreat: not for you
PLL 31337: i cant see your face hardly :'(
yahimprettygreat: like i said
PLL 31337: :'(
yahimprettygreat: money=pics
PLL 31337: meanie!
PLL 31337: what about funbucks?
PLL 31337: i've gots them!
yahimprettygreat: i dont know what that is
PLL 31337: it's funny money, honey!
yahimprettygreat: no thanks
PLL 31337: :'(
PLL 31337: you tease me! IT HURTS!
yahimprettygreat: ok
PLL 31337: so, you feel sorry for me?
yahimprettygreat: no
PLL 31337: but, i think i love you
yahimprettygreat: yeah who doesnt?
PLL 31337: OH!!!! I bet, um, your right, you couldn't love a face like yours?
PLL 31337: who*
yahimprettygreat: right.
PLL 31337: Atomical is a lucky boi.
yahimprettygreat: i know
yahimprettygreat: he gets a lot of it for free
PLL 31337: how much?
yahimprettygreat: dont get nosy
PLL 31337: :-(
PLL 31337: you use a mac?
yahimprettygreat: no
PLL 31337: Ha!
PLL 31337: Atomical is a Mac fanboy
PLL 31337: Tell him Mac is for kids who have small wangs
yahimprettygreat: believe me
yahimprettygreat: its not.
PLL 31337: Ahahahahaahahhaahha!
PLL 31337: So, he gots to your cooter!?!?!?!?!?
yahimprettygreat: how old are you? 12?
PLL 31337: no, baybee, im 19, sheeesh
yahimprettygreat: yeah right
yahimprettygreat: i know you arent
PLL 31337: Have you seens ma sexeh self?
yahimprettygreat: no
yahimprettygreat: show me
PLL 31337: You gots teh myspace?
yahimprettygreat: yeah
PLL 31337: link meh up, babe
yahimprettygreat: no
PLL 31337: :'(
PLL 31337: pweeeese!!!
yahimprettygreat: haha is this you http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v432/rfpooner/JeremyAv.jpg
PLL 31337: http://myspace.com/jemerson
PLL 31337: thats meh
PLL 31337: i = teh hot
yahimprettygreat: youre annoying
PLL 31337: you = teh hot
PLL 31337: we were made for each other!
yahimprettygreat: sorry im taken
PLL 31337: perfect match!
PLL 31337: awe, atomie dont mind!
yahimprettygreat: let me ask him
PLL 31337: okay
PLL 31337: call him atomie
PLL 31337: hahaha
yahimprettygreat: no i have another name for him'
PLL 31337: atomie got yer cooter
yahimprettygreat: wow youre an idiot
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: thats why you should love me
PLL 31337: im much like adam
yahimprettygreat: i only need one adam
yahimprettygreat: and adam is far from an idiot
PLL 31337: but he's not all you need!
yahimprettygreat: hes all i can handle
PLL 31337: please
PLL 31337: we dont have to tell him
yahimprettygreat: seriously
PLL 31337: it can be our lil secret
yahimprettygreat: im already sore from his gigantic dong
PLL 31337: ahahahahahaa
PLL 31337: lmao, your a funneh gal
yahimprettygreat: anyway, i know you have a girlfriend
PLL 31337: you got a sister>
PLL 31337: huh? who?
yahimprettygreat: ok listen
yahimprettygreat: time is money
yahimprettygreat: i have other people to talk to
PLL 31337: :'(
PLL 31337: i love you
yahimprettygreat: who doesnt
PLL 31337: we've been through this
PLL 31337: got a sister?
yahimprettygreat: no
PLL 31337: how about your mom?
PLL 31337: she hot?
yahimprettygreat: no
yahimprettygreat: youre not funny either
PLL 31337: im trying
PLL 31337: it's all i've got
PLL 31337: give me some tips to make it with the ladies
yahimprettygreat: for 10 bucks i will help you
PLL 31337: ah! thats so wrong! i don't have enough
PLL 31337: i have to pay off my computer
PLL 31337: :-(
yahimprettygreat: then bye
PLL 31337: can I get a free sample?
yahimprettygreat: no
PLL 31337: :-(
yahimprettygreat: i already gave you one
PLL 31337: love shouldn't cost me money!
PLL 31337: it's FREE!
yahimprettygreat: i dont let love get in the way of business
PLL 31337: free as in beer, and in freedom!
yahimprettygreat: i hate beer
yahimprettygreat: i gotta go poop
PLL 31337: ok, take pics plz
PLL 31337: kthx
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She hates me :'( [Jun. 13th, 2005|11:44 am]
[mood |sadsad]

PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
RaE SayS HeY123: go away
RaE SayS HeY123: ur gay
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: i wuv you *laughs*
RaE SayS HeY123: this isnt rachel btw
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: is it chris?
PLL 31337: *laughs*
RaE SayS HeY123: go away
PLL 31337: *laughs*
RaE SayS HeY123: no its not
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: *laughs*
RaE SayS HeY123: dude shut the fuck up your fucking aggrevateing and you dont have any friends
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: you don't even know me
RaE SayS HeY123: then why the hell are you talking to me bitch?
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: because i wuv you
PLL 31337: *laughs*
RaE SayS HeY123: u just said you odont know me so you cant wuv me
PLL 31337: *laughs*
PLL 31337: i can wuv anyone
PLL 31337: *laughs*
RaE SayS HeY123: so go wuv some whore with no friends
RaE SayS HeY123: buh bye
PLL 31337: *laughs*
Previous message was not received by RaE SayS HeY123 because of error: User RaE SayS HeY123 is not available.

RaE SayS HeY123 signed off at 11:44:04 AM.
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Sweet as Suga! [Jun. 12th, 2005|06:19 pm]
[mood |scaredscared]

Want to know more about Emmie? Check out her Myspace profile.

m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: hey baybee, whats up?
SugaSweetAngel3: Hey. nothing
SugaSweetAngel3: this is Heather .
SugaSweetAngel3: who is this ???
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: this is her boyfriend
SugaSweetAngel3: umm baby u wish
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: we are meeting tomorrow
SugaSweetAngel3: Sure !
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: you wanna tag along, it could be FUN! :-*
SugaSweetAngel3: No i dont think her husband would like me or u going meet u
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: awe come on, baybee, and what's with my babe getting married? we haven't talked about that?
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: is she seeing someone else??!?!?!?!?!
SugaSweetAngel3: Well she is getting married to my cuzz.....
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: waht!!?!?!?
SugaSweetAngel3: Yea
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: She said she LOVED ME!
SugaSweetAngel3: So baby too bad u cant have her
SugaSweetAngel3: SURe she does lol
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: where is she? we need to talk
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: you better be joking
SugaSweetAngel3: I swear they getting married he is in Iraq right now . He will b in for Oct and wedding is like around the coner .
SugaSweetAngel3: she isnt here right now
SugaSweetAngel3: She sshopping 4 the wedding matter a facy
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: what are you talking about!?!?!?!
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: this better be a joke
SugaSweetAngel3: I swear to god
SugaSweetAngel3: Who is this ??
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: this is Mike
SugaSweetAngel3: Umm
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: is she sleeping AROUND ON ME!!?!?!?!?!?!
SugaSweetAngel3: ummm. she is like BEEN SLEEPING AROUND ON U .......
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: WTF!
SugaSweetAngel3: she is Getting married GET IT ???
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: What about last week? We had a great time!?!?!
SugaSweetAngel3: Whats ur last name ???
SugaSweetAngel3: Umm last week ..?
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Fitzgerald
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: call her and ask her yourself
SugaSweetAngel3: Im obut to block u
SugaSweetAngel3: because u need to leave her along
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: She won't like that!!!
SugaSweetAngel3: She is getting married
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: What? Yoiu must not know about us!
SugaSweetAngel3: and we already have every thing planned so FORGET IT
SugaSweetAngel3: Well she livcs her buddy and dosent leave ok/
SugaSweetAngel3: So maybe its another HER

m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: OMFG! SHE'S CHEATING ON ME!
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: no, it's Haope Watson, she's ma baybee
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Hope*
SugaSweetAngel3: Well imma tell my BROTHER which is her man
SugaSweetAngel3: And he wont b happy
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: NIETHER AM I!
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: I LOVE HER@
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: I WONT LET HER GO!@
SugaSweetAngel3: yes u will
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: How big is this boy?
SugaSweetAngel3: because her man will fucking kill u ok.
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: I think I can take him.
SugaSweetAngel3: BIG in the army ok.........
SugaSweetAngel3: Dont fuck w/ him
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Ohhhhh! I'm in the Marines!
SugaSweetAngel3: beause that is like my brother and he dont fuck around just leave buh bye
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: I GOTS TA REP-ROW0SENT
SugaSweetAngel3: WTF ever
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Girl pleeeeease!
SugaSweetAngel3: he is like Fighting for ur STUPID ASS
SugaSweetAngel3: And he will kill u once he gets home
SugaSweetAngel3: Imma tell h im
SugaSweetAngel3: Buh bye
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: No, not mine
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: IF he GETS HOME!
SugaSweetAngel3: U mother fucker .......My brother is coming home and u need to fucking shut up and u need to to there and NOT COME HOME

SugaSweetAngel3: ok .
SugaSweetAngel3: Emmie said BLOCK U
SugaSweetAngel3: she is right here
SugaSweetAngel3: Ok buh bye ass
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: I love you Emmie!
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Buh Bye!
SugaSweetAngel3: She said fuck off she hates u
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: :'(
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: I WUV YOU BAYBEE!
SugaSweetAngel3: aOH by the way my brother ( her man she talking to her right now
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Tell him I said hi!
SugaSweetAngel3: She hates u ...said Emmie
SugaSweetAngel3: he said .B ready
SugaSweetAngel3: *******Buh.Bye *******
SugaSweetAngel3 signed off at 6:19:07 PM.
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Hope [Jun. 10th, 2005|09:28 pm]
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: hey uh baybee
hopeewatson returned at 8:27:59 PM.
hopee watson: heyy whose this/
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: this is mike
hopee watson: mike..?
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: im like so your online bf
hopee watson: haha ohh ok.
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: whats funy? i've uh, thought f you many MANY times when I was, uhhh, alone.
hopee watson: oh
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: u look teh hot on myspace!
hopee watson: i don't have my space
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: i dont beleive your 23
hopee watson: oh
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: it can be ourspace, baybee
hopee watson: oh
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: answer your phone ma baybee
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: it's cha boy
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: on teh ringer
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: its big boi DAVID in the hizzie fo shizzie
hopee watson: ohhh haha
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: but this is his oh-so-figgidy figgidy fine neighbor, Mike
hopee watson: my phones off. charging u know yeh
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: yeah babe, i gots ta meet ya in person, ya know?
hopee watson: yeah totally...
hopee watson: how old are you
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: im 16, but im more like, ya know 19 down der
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: wat time ya want davy boy wonder to call?
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: ya there, ma baybee?
hopee watson: haha
hopee watson: doesnt matter
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: mmk
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: gots teh hawt pics?
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo
hopee watson: Nope
hopee watson: you go to nd?
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: no, im too cool fer school, oh wow, thats lame
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: they told me to leave, they SO couldn't handle a guy like me, ya know?
hopee watson: yeah
hopee watson: so you don't go to school?
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: im was homeschooled, but i cropped out
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: dropped*
hopee watson: ohh co0l
hopee watson: what's ur lastname
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: Fitzgerald
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: <---
hopee watson: ohh coolness.
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: fo sho
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: so, like, you gotta see ma oh-so-cool site
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: it's WAY better than myspace
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: http://giblee.info/blog
hopee watson: kk
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: yo baybee, ya gots Lindey Miller's screen name, i need to ask her out since she's too good fer david
hopee watson: ha that's pretty mean
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: yeah, well, i guess you could say i caused some mistrust between them when i put ma moves on her and she So wants me now
hopee watson: haha rly
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: yeah, no lie
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: so can ya give meh her screen name, tell her mike wants to talk to her
hopee watson: LiNdSeYlOu 3190
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: thanks honey
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: she's offline, huh babe?
hopee watson: yeah
hopee watson: she hardly ever on.
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: gooosh
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: lol, ya wanna hook up wit meh, baybee?
hopee watson: nah
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: :'(
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: your such a tease!
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: didn't ma awesome xhtml and php skills on my site sway you? IT ALWAYS WERKS! :'(
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: call meh @ 9
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: (206) 984-1735
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: i'll be teh waiting\
hopee watson is away at 8:45:39 PM.
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: :'( dont go away, i wuv you
Auto response from hopee watson: I am away from my computer right now.

hopee watson returned at 8:56:59 PM.
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: hey
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: i tried calling your cell, but your vm is full :'(
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: r u therre
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: i miss your chatting skillz, it turns meh on
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: yer not talking to meh :'(
m1k3f1tzg3r4ld: hey this is is dusty
RedApples808: hey
hopee watson: trying to trick me?
hopee watson: haha
RedApples808: yes :'(
RedApples808: it is dusty
RedApples808: david thinks ur hawt
hopee watson: haha nice
RedApples808: yepz0r
RedApples808: ill call! 9;30
RedApples808: this is mike, i wants to talk to you
RedApples808: some 1 on 1, ya know? 8-)
hopee watson: yeh.
RedApples808: davy's gonna call you
RedApples808: you dont wanna talk?
hopee watson: yeh
RedApples808: why?
hopee watson: why what
RedApples808: you dont you want to talk to me?
RedApples808: that hurts
RedApples808: your too good for me, i know it. i just thought i would try to meet a hot girl who was nice
RedApples808: goodbye. this was the last night i was going to keep trying to move. there is no reason now. goodbye my love.
hopee watson is away at 9:19:14 PM.
hopee watson returned at 9:22:51 PM.
RedApples808: so, since this is my last night to live, i want you to know that i would have treated you right. goodbye. :'(
hopee watson: shut up
RedApples808: fine. i guess you WERE TO GOOD FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME!
hopee watson: your a fucking stalker
hopee watson: quit talking to me
RedApples808: fine. iam going to go hung maself
hopee watson: good
RedApples808: goodbye
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