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OMG PHEER! [May. 15th, 2006|11:09 pm]
That last girl's got her boys after me. I'm pheering now.
SlamedKustoms: WASSUP
PLL 31337: The sky.
SlamedKustoms: rightt
PLL 31337: and this is....
SlamedKustoms: who is this?
SlamedKustoms: the names josh..
PLL 31337: Your the one who IMed me
SlamedKustoms: and who is this
SlamedKustoms: ?
PLL 31337: Im not saying
SlamedKustoms: phaa..ya names jeramy from crowely..
SlamedKustoms: anything else u wana know about urself?
PLL 31337: Yeah, what school do you go to
SlamedKustoms: notre dame
PLL 31337: what grade?
SlamedKustoms: 11th..
PLL 31337: Oh, cool
SlamedKustoms: what skool u go to
SlamedKustoms: and grade
PLL 31337: Notre Dame, 11
SlamedKustoms: o fa real
PLL 31337: no, for fake.
SlamedKustoms: well i didnt know they let fat ass motha fuckers like ya self into notre dame..
PLL 31337: yeah, they do
SlamedKustoms: and people with no lives like ya self
PLL 31337: i guess?
SlamedKustoms: was ya last name
PLL 31337: you know so much, you tell me
SlamedKustoms: emerson..
SlamedKustoms: nice...
SlamedKustoms: sounds like a gay dude fa sho
PLL 31337: yeah, read me like a book, eh?
SlamedKustoms: yup damn right
SlamedKustoms: ur wat like 16 17?
PLL 31337: no, acually 37
PLL 31337: i live in my parents basement
SlamedKustoms: haha..man now u lien...thought u went to notre dame..
PLL 31337: you told me i go to notre dame, so i must
SlamedKustoms: first off..ur fuckn blind.. Yeah, what school do you go to thas what u said
PLL 31337: you tell me
SlamedKustoms: ur 17..
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: thas what ya myspace says..
SlamedKustoms: umust be lien then
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: w/e..all i know is..if u ever fuck with some iota people again..ima hunt ya ass down and beat the living fuck out of u
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: aight if u say "if u say so" one more time
PLL 31337: if you say so
SlamedKustoms: bruhh
SlamedKustoms: ima beat ya ass
PLL 31337: Whats the problem?
PLL 31337: If you have a problem, you can just tell me.
SlamedKustoms: i told u not to mess with any iota people
PLL 31337: Did I mess with any Iota people?
SlamedKustoms: yup
PLL 31337: Okay, when was this?
PLL 31337: Oh, I see.
SlamedKustoms: last night
SlamedKustoms: u imed her and called her house last night for some odd reason..
PLL 31337: Really now, that
PLL 31337: 's odd.
PLL 31337: I wasn't even here. Now how did I manage that?
Jeremys Mom: ur fuckn fat
PLL 31337: ok?
SlamedKustoms signed off at 11:09:18 PM.

Here's her boyfriend:
BEAR0973: hey wats up
PLL 31337: uh
PLL 31337: ok, this is already old
BEAR0973: wat
BEAR0973: u sent me a friend request on myspace
PLL 31337: I did not
BEAR0973: ya names jermey
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: its Mike
PLL 31337: Someone keeps messing with me
PLL 31337: if your one of them, please stop
BEAR0973: one of who
PLL 31337: people keep telling me i pissed off the wrong person
PLL 31337: i honestly dont know what i could have done
BEAR0973: http://www.myspace.com/jemerson
BEAR0973: someone sayed this was ya s/n
PLL 31337: who is that?
BEAR0973: idk
BEAR0973: i ask someone who this was and i click on ya myspace
PLL 31337: what?
PLL 31337: you IMed me, i dont know whats going on
BEAR0973: idk someone said that you go to ND and they gave me ya s/n after i showed them ya myspace
PLL 31337: well, i dont know who that is
BEAR0973: he goes to ND
BEAR0973: play f/b
BEAR0973: b-ball
BEAR0973: really tall
PLL 31337: uh, does he have a name?
BEAR0973: yea
BEAR0973: i thought u could tell me
PLL 31337: well, since i have no clue who your talking about right now, no
BEAR0973: u know leah paige
PLL 31337: no
BEAR0973: wat your courtney hanks
BEAR0973: bout*
PLL 31337: no
BEAR0973: well the dude im talkin bout is rusty
PLL 31337: uh, i dont know who that is
PLL 31337: whats really going on?
PLL 31337: i've been getting IMed tonight, and people act like they know me, i have no clue what this is all about
BEAR0973: wat ya 1st name just ya first
PLL 31337: i dont know why i should even say my name
BEAR0973: to see if i know who u are
BEAR0973: i know a lot of ppl from ND
BEAR0973: so 4 reak were u from
BEAR0973: real
PLL 31337: im not saying anything
PLL 31337: one of your friends is threatening me right now
BEAR0973: wait who?
PLL 31337: i dont know who this person is
PLL 31337: slamedkustoms is the s/n
PLL 31337: IMed me just before you did
BEAR0973: it dosent song familaie
BEAR0973: did he give u a name
PLL 31337: No, just threats
PLL 31337: I'm not too worried, really, I haven't even done anything.
BEAR0973: wats ya name im act like u mi boy and chew him out
BEAR0973: lol
PLL 31337: Im not saying, I cant trust anyone, for all I know, you could be the same person.
BEAR0973: i have no clue who he is
PLL 31337: Well, I have no clue who you are
BEAR0973: ight
BEAR0973: u
BEAR0973: wanna
BEAR0973: know
PLL 31337: i guess?
BEAR0973: in other words u wanna trade info
PLL 31337: no
BEAR0973: ok well the lets get on fuckin thing strat stop messin wit my gurl ok
PLL 31337: what
BEAR0973: im 6'4 280 and ima kick your ass if she prints out sumthin u imed her and shows me
PLL 31337: and who is "she"?
BEAR0973: u got her fuckin s/n
PLL 31337: is this some kind of joke?
PLL 31337: i dont get it
BEAR0973: fuck no
BEAR0973: lets see one thing u imed her wat that i wanna kiss u on ya lips and move up to your stomick
PLL 31337: uh, dude, I'm not a girl, so that line wont really work on me.
PLL 31337: plus, its kinda sick.
BEAR0973: u told her that u dumb fuck
PLL 31337: wait, me
PLL 31337: ?
BEAR0973: yea
PLL 31337: uh, now i know this is a joke? who is this? lol, im gonna kill you jason!
BEAR0973: bitch please
BEAR0973: this aint no joke
PLL 31337: yeah, riiight, lol, i gtg dude, see you tomorrow
PLL 31337: lol, good one, though, hahaha
BEAR0973: u wont see me tomarrow
BEAR0973: i go to fuckin IOTA
BEAR0973: if i see shit like that again thats ya ass
PLL 31337: hahaha, jason, lol, im SCARED
PLL 31337: you can stop now, jason
BEAR0973: hahaha
BEAR0973: this aint fuckin jason
PLL 31337: yeah right
PLL 31337: lol
BEAR0973: 4 real
PLL 31337: chill jason, its not even funny now
BEAR0973: im fuckin 18 and go to iota high
PLL 31337: no, your 15 and go to notre dame
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: ahahah
BEAR0973: haha
BEAR0973: no
BEAR0973: and play football
BEAR0973: 73
PLL 31337: alright, you ruined it, anyways, i gtg get some work done
PLL 31337: LOL!
PLL 31337: you playing football!
PLL 31337: AHAHAH!
PLL 31337: thats a joke!
PLL 31337: later jason!
BEAR0973: 4 iota
BEAR0973: bitch

I then blocked him. LOL, I'm pheering.