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Courtney Blair [May. 14th, 2006|03:16 pm]
PLL 31337: Hello
CourtneyBlair27: hey
PLL 31337: whats up courtney?
CourtneyBlair27: nuthin much
CourtneyBlair27: who is this
PLL 31337: mike fitzgerald
PLL 31337: duH!
CourtneyBlair27: ?????
PLL 31337: dont act liek you dont me
CourtneyBlair27: ok whatever
PLL 31337: lol, so, how you been, girl?
CourtneyBlair27: who is this
PLL 31337: MIKE!
CourtneyBlair27: how did you get my screen name
PLL 31337: why are you acting liek you dont know me?
PLL 31337: this hurts
CourtneyBlair27: cause i dont
CourtneyBlair27: where did i meet you
PLL 31337: in the mall
PLL 31337: duh
CourtneyBlair27: no this i stupid
CourtneyBlair27: is*
PLL 31337: well, im friends with darrin
CourtneyBlair27: darrin who
CourtneyBlair27: where are you from
CourtneyBlair27: what mall did we meet in
PLL 31337: its darrin morgan
PLL 31337: i dont think it was at the mall
PLL 31337: acually
PLL 31337: i think it was at a footballl game
CourtneyBlair27: a football game don't we go to school togetehr
PLL 31337: no, i go to notre dame
CourtneyBlair27: name sounds familiar but i don't know you
PLL 31337: oh come on baybee
CourtneyBlair27: how did you get my screen name
PLL 31337: i just... know things
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
CourtneyBlair27: your really pissin me off
PLL 31337: im sorry my baybee
CourtneyBlair27: did i ever talk to you before
PLL 31337: yeah
PLL 31337: i have had many dreams about us
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: i love you
CourtneyBlair27: i am gonna block you
PLL 31337: lets go get come coffee
PLL 31337: dont do that baybee
CourtneyBlair27: i will if you don't stop
PLL 31337: dont stop what? expressing my love for you?
CourtneyBlair27: who are you
PLL 31337: mike fitzgerald
CourtneyBlair27: ok i thought you were darrin morgan
PLL 31337: no, im his friend
CourtneyBlair27: ok
CourtneyBlair27: where do you go to school
PLL 31337: uh, i told you
PLL 31337: notre dame
CourtneyBlair27: ok
CourtneyBlair27: how did you get my screen name
PLL 31337: you gave it to me
PLL 31337: at the game
CourtneyBlair27: no i didn't
PLL 31337: yes you did
PLL 31337: remember?
CourtneyBlair27: no
CourtneyBlair27: what football game
PLL 31337: i was starring at those amazing eyes, and then you asked what my problem was
PLL 31337: and you started laughing
PLL 31337: and then we talked
PLL 31337: and you gave me your S/N
CourtneyBlair27: no i didn't
PLL 31337: uhh, yeah you did
CourtneyBlair27: ok what football game was it
CourtneyBlair27: ??
PLL 31337: i dont remember
CourtneyBlair27: who was playing
PLL 31337: i think, was it when you were playing churchpoint?
CourtneyBlair27: yea this is bullshit cause i am a cheerleader so i was on the side lines the whole time
PLL 31337: yeah, your so buitiful
PLL 31337: im in love with you
PLL 31337: love isnt bullshit
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: you dont believe me?
PLL 31337: what can i do to prove my love?
PLL 31337: what?
CourtneyBlair27: never speak to me again
PLL 31337: awe come on baybeee
PLL 31337: dont be that way
PLL 31337: im gonna tell leah about this
CourtneyBlair27: leah who
PLL 31337: leah paige, who you think?
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know leah
PLL 31337: from tootie
PLL 31337: poor guy
CourtneyBlair27: who else do you know that i am friends with
PLL 31337: amanda prob
PLL 31337: probly*
CourtneyBlair27: yea how do you know amanda
PLL 31337: why are you keep asking me this stuff
PLL 31337: i met her from leah
CourtneyBlair27: cause i dont' know you
CourtneyBlair27: where did you meet them
PLL 31337: why do you keep asking me all of this its really none of your business where we met baybee
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: so, you wanna like do something next weekend?
CourtneyBlair27: i don't know you
PLL 31337: well, we can get to know each other this way
CourtneyBlair27: please stop talkin to me
PLL 31337: why baybee?
PLL 31337: i love you
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: but i do
PLL 31337: your like so amazing
CourtneyBlair27: you don't know me
PLL 31337: yeah, well, i'll tell you about me
PLL 31337: im 5'6
PLL 31337: blue eyes
PLL 31337: short brown hair
PLL 31337: and im DAYEM sexeh
PLL 31337: you there?
CourtneyBlair27: ?
CourtneyBlair27: what grade are you in
PLL 31337: 11
CourtneyBlair27: who are you friends with
PLL 31337: darrin morgan
PLL 31337: my god
PLL 31337: i've told ytou that
CourtneyBlair27: who is in your classes at ND
who are in your classes at ND
PLL 31337: can i tell you something real quick i have to get off my chest?
CourtneyBlair27: first tell me who are in your classes
PLL 31337: phillip brown
PLL 31337: anyway
PLL 31337: i want to passionately kiss you on your lips, and move up to your belly
CourtneyBlair27: do you know a tyler broussard
PLL 31337: yes
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know him
PLL 31337: foootball, beotch
PLL 31337: thats one short mutha
CourtneyBlair27: do you know ryan roger and cody huesers
PLL 31337: roger is my home boi
PLL 31337: wild bill is stupid
PLL 31337: lol
CourtneyBlair27: do you know cassidy stoma
PLL 31337: yeah, who doesnt
CourtneyBlair27: ok who is her best friend
PLL 31337: umm, maybe megan?
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: how am i supposed to know?
PLL 31337: i dont care
CourtneyBlair27: ok
PLL 31337: lets talk about us
CourtneyBlair27: do you know umm zach meche
PLL 31337: do you know, uhhh, mike hunt?
CourtneyBlair27: nope
PLL 31337: mike hunt is the man
PLL 31337: ask someone at your house if they know mike hunt, he's famous
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: why?
PLL 31337: not?
CourtneyBlair27: i don't feel like it
CourtneyBlair27: and its doesn't really matter
PLL 31337: i want to passionately kiss you on your lips, and move up to your belly
CourtneyBlair27: quit changing the subject
PLL 31337: girl, you have no clue what i just said
CourtneyBlair27: yes i do
CourtneyBlair27: i would just really like for you to leave me alone
PLL 31337: no
PLL 31337: that is out of the question
CourtneyBlair27: i will block you
PLL 31337: that doesnt matter
PLL 31337: i will still talk to you
CourtneyBlair27: how
CourtneyBlair27: you know nuthin about me
PLL 31337: oh, but i do my buitiful goodess
PLL 31337: goddess*
CourtneyBlair27: what do you know about me
PLL 31337: your hot
CourtneyBlair27: what else
PLL 31337: You like Rascal Flatts
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know that
PLL 31337: i told you, i know things
PLL 31337: hehehe
CourtneyBlair27: whats my favorite song by them
PLL 31337: what hurts the most
PLL 31337: i think...
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know that
PLL 31337: i just told you, i know things
CourtneyBlair27: why do i like that song
PLL 31337: i cant read your mind, lol
CourtneyBlair27: well it has a meaning to it
CourtneyBlair27: and i was just wonderin if you knew
PLL 31337: oh
PLL 31337: well, maybe you can tell me the meaning in person
CourtneyBlair27: its ok thats my buisness i don't dicuss it with ppl
CourtneyBlair27: only my close friends know that
PLL 31337: well, next time leah and i have sex, i'll ask
CourtneyBlair27: do you know who my best friend is
PLL 31337: your best friend is ashley nicole
CourtneyBlair27: yea and not
CourtneyBlair27: no**
PLL 31337: okay?
CourtneyBlair27: she is my best friend but not just a friend
PLL 31337: what, you too experiment with each other or something?
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: oh
PLL 31337: cause thats sexy
CourtneyBlair27: shes my sister
PLL 31337: thats even sexier!!!
CourtneyBlair27: whatever
PLL 31337: lol
PLL 31337: your sister knows mike hunt,
PLL 31337: i mean, i know she knows him
CourtneyBlair27: how do you know
PLL 31337: he told me that he knew one of your friends
PLL 31337: you would think he;d tell me you were sisters
CourtneyBlair27: oo
PLL 31337: ask her
PLL 31337: does she know him?
CourtneyBlair27: shes sleepin
PLL 31337: wake her up
CourtneyBlair27: no
PLL 31337: come on
PLL 31337: well she wake up if the phone rings?
CourtneyBlair27: what phone
PLL 31337: let me just call it
PLL 31337:
PLL 31337: ring ring
CourtneyBlair27: none of my phones are ringin
PLL 31337: now?
PLL 31337:
PLL 31337: Why did you hang up, my love?
CourtneyBlair27: how do you have my number
PLL 31337: I told you, I know things
CourtneyBlair27: o
CourtneyBlair27: h/o a second
PLL 31337: to what?
CourtneyBlair27: i have to go feed my dog i will be right back
PLL 31337: ok, i'll call you
PLL 31337: later my love
PLL 31337: i must go to sleep, and dream about you
PLL 31337: bye