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Welcome to my World [Feb. 24th, 2006|09:33 pm]
[mood |guiltyguilty]

her: hey
me: hey
her: how old are you?
me: 17
her: me too
her: u still in high school?
me: no
her: k
me: im homeschooled
her: kool i guess
her: my brothers were home schooled
me: its not cool
her: y?
me: very boaring .lol
her: mmmmm
her: i hate being in school
her: what grade would u be in if u were in school?
me: 11th
her: k
her: damn it
her: my nefew just broke my phone
her: so what u do all day./
her: ?
me: school
her: u dont get breaks?
her: to so things
me: no, my mom beats me too
her: sounds boring
me: she wont let me leave the house cause i might tell people
her: tell ppl what
me: that she beats me
her: y dont u leave?
her: ur old enough
me: no, my dad shot me in the foot last time i tried to leave and told me if i tried again he'd kill me
her: call the cops and tell come get u
her: r u fucking serious?
me: they took all the phones away
me: yes im serious
her: y they let u on the computer?
me: they said no one would beleive me
me: no one ever does
her: i do
me: really? you do?
me: are you there?
me: they are coming
me: help me
her: ok
her: im freaked
her: yes i do
her: u there?
me: i dont know where we live, they dont let me outside, all i see is a feild
her: how long has this been happening?
me: i dont know
her: u dont know
me: you kinda leave track of time
me: loose*
her: ok
her: on a messenger list
me: list?
me: where?
her: on the internet
her: i did a search for ppl
her: in crowley
me: oh
me: i know how to get to highway 13
me: but i cant go without them knowing
her: thats threw eunice
her: that goes threw eunice
me: is there any way you can help me?
her: not unless i know ur address
me: i dont know it
me: they wont let me know
her: then im sorry i cant help
me: im going to die
me: arent i?
her: u never see the mail?
her: no
her: u need to try leaving
her: and keep trying
me: dad said he would kill me if i did
her: better than dieing alone
her: hell if i was u id already killed them
me: my hands are weak
her: parents or no parents
her: get his shot gun or a butcher knfe
me: they hurt my hands to make it hard to get away
her: knife
me: he keeps his gun with him
her: try finding out ur address
me: i cant
her: y?
me: mom and dad do not allow me to leave my room
me: sometimes they let me leave
her: how do they know if u leave ur room
me: they are always watching me
her: damn dude
her: well hurt yourself theyll have to bring u to they hospital
me: i tried that
her: what u did?
me: they told me i could just die
me: and they didnt feed me that day
me: i broke my arm
her: ouch
her: i dont know what to tell u
her: i fi could help u i woulc
her: would
me: i'll try tonight, if i dont talk to you tomorrow, then they have killed me
me: so hope that you talk to me tomorrow
her: ok
her: im fucking freaked
me: welcome to my world

At this point I signed off. Here's a little something that makes no sense. If I escaped, then how would I be able to talk to her without being on my computer? No matter what happens, I wouldn't be able to talk to her anyway. Of corse, tomorrow I won't talk to her and probaly never will again. This sounds like a good opening to a survivor movie.
I'm a little too evil sometimes.