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Da Game. [Dec. 19th, 2006|11:54 pm]
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: dude why did you put all that shit on your live journal???
[22:39] pll31337: lol
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: vary not cool
[22:39] pll31337: did you take my advice?
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: hell no
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: you know who nuklearmoon is???
[22:39] pll31337: no
[22:39] NeedlePhreak000: what about greydsazebluehaze??
[22:40] pll31337: uh...
[22:40] pll31337: no?
[22:40] NeedlePhreak000: well they are one in the same and they keep giving me hell about that shit
[22:40] pll31337: lol
[22:41] NeedlePhreak000: not funny dude
[22:41] NeedlePhreak000: you gonna take it down???
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: and destroy any copies you have?

[22:42] pll31337: no
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: and don't post this convo either
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: why not???
[22:42] pll31337: b/c its already in Google's cache
[22:42] NeedlePhreak000: you know that illegal you don't have my permission to put that shit up there
[22:43] pll31337: who gives
[22:44] NeedlePhreak000: well that is a violation of privacy laws and shit dude and besides i'm deep in da game
[22:45] pll31337: "da game"?
[22:45] NeedlePhreak000: da streets
[22:45] NeedlePhreak000: i be rollin' wit a strap on the side of me
[22:45] pll31337: a strap on dildo?
[22:46] NeedlePhreak000: a strap is a fuckin' gat dumbass
[22:46] NeedlePhreak000: lol you wouldn't last a day in my hood
[22:48] pll31337: Yeah... sounds pretty "dope" to be a "gangsta" in your "hood".
[22:48] NeedlePhreak000: haha your stupid
[22:48] pll31337: So... how did things go with that girl anyway?
[22:48] NeedlePhreak000: what girl i have no clue what the fuck your talking about
[22:49] pll31337: The one the 15 year old
[22:50] pll31337: The one whose dad you were pheering
[22:50] NeedlePhreak000: nope doesn't ring a bell
[22:51] pll31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/9164.html
[22:51] pll31337: Does that ring a bell?
[22:52] NeedlePhreak000: no but it has my name and shit and i want you to get rid of all that because it's not me
[22:53] pll31337: Oh I see... your acting like it wasn't you... then why are you so upset?
[22:53] NeedlePhreak000: because someone stole my damn screen name
[22:53] pll31337: I mean... I could have sworn in this convo if you scrolled up you could read where you said it was you and I talking
[22:54] NeedlePhreak000: what?
[22:54] pll31337: You said it was violation of privacy laws.
[22:55] pll31337: If it wasn't you... then it would be slander.
[22:55] NeedlePhreak000: so that doesn'tmean it is my problem but it is my name and i had nothing to do with that shit
[22:56] pll31337: Then you shouldn't worry about it.
[22:56] NeedlePhreak000: yes i should because crazy assholes message me outta nowhere and shit and it is getting on my nerves just make up a s/n to replace mine or something
[22:57] pll31337: Yeah.. sounds like a good idea.
[22:57] NeedlePhreak000: ok what are you fonna change it to?

[22:57] pll31337: nEEDLEpHREAK000
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: thats not changing it at all
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: make it like
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: someGayD00d
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: or something
[22:58] pll31337: nEeDlEpHrEaK000
[22:58] NeedlePhreak000: dude stop fucking around
[22:59] pll31337: What?
[23:00] NeedlePhreak000: how about nEedFreek123
[23:01] pll31337: there
[23:01] pll31337: changed it
[23:02] NeedlePhreak000: what did you change it to???
[23:02] pll31337: http://pll31337.livejournal.com/9164.html
[23:03] NeedlePhreak000: it still says the god damn thing you ass
[23:03] pll31337: No... I changed it.
[23:04] pll31337: You may have to clear your cache
[23:04] pll31337: or refresh
[23:05] NeedlePhreak000: it is still the same all you did was change the capps
[23:05] pll31337: Oh... what screen name would you like me to change it to, then?
[23:05] NeedlePhreak000: putsomething like
[23:05] NeedlePhreak000: nEedFrEek123
[23:06] NeedlePhreak000: that should work
[23:06] NeedlePhreak000: change the one on the front page too
[23:06] pll31337: okay
[23:07] NeedlePhreak000: you changed your own do it right
[23:08] pll31337: What?
[23:08] NeedlePhreak000: you changed your s/n now do it right and change mine
[23:08] pll31337: I changed yours and you complained... i thought you wanted me to change my screen name to nEedFrEek123.
[23:09] NeedlePhreak000: change needlephreak000 to nEedFrEek123
[23:09] NeedlePhreak000: so people will stop fucking with me
[23:09] pll31337: Huh?
[23:09] NeedlePhreak000: god damnit
[23:09] pll31337: What are you talking about?
[23:09] pll31337: Someone is sexing you?
[23:10] NeedlePhreak000: people keep messaging me and saying shit now fucking change my s/n on your god damn journal
[23:10] pll31337: That's funny... they just IM you and say "shit"?
[23:11] NeedlePhreak000: yeah because they see my s/n that someone hacked on you page
[23:11] pll31337: Why do they IM you?
[23:12] NeedlePhreak000: because they see my s/n on your damn journal shit
[23:12] pll31337: Where?
[23:12] NeedlePhreak000: stop being a god damn fucktard
[23:12] pll31337: I dont get it
[23:12] pll31337: Why do they IM you though/
[23:13] pll31337: I never get IMed
[23:13] NeedlePhreak000: probably because they have no life it doesn't matter
[23:13] pll31337: Well since it doesn't matter I won't change anything then.
[23:13] NeedlePhreak000: your a fucking prick
[23:14] pll31337: Don't be mad at ME!
[23:14] NeedlePhreak000: your the asshole who started this shit you put all that shit upthere
[23:14] pll31337: Yeah... so?
[23:15] NeedlePhreak000: well people keep saying shit to me damn it
[23:15] pll31337: Why do they IM you and not me? I wanna talk to people, too.
[23:16] NeedlePhreak000: well probably because they know your boring as hell
[23:16] pll31337: Oh
[23:16] NeedlePhreak000: now your starting to piss me off you fat ass tard
[23:17] pll31337: Why?!?
[23:17] NeedlePhreak000: because you need to get rid of that shit
[23:18] pll31337: You keep saying that but I don't understand why you want it down
[23:18] NeedlePhreak000: because i said so
[23:18] NeedlePhreak000: ok
[23:18] pll31337: Ohh
[23:19] NeedlePhreak000: ypou gonna take it down???
[23:19] pll31337: No
[23:19] NeedlePhreak000: why?
[23:19] pll31337: Because I said so
[23:19] pll31337: ok
[23:19] NeedlePhreak000: well i will contact the owners of the domain and let them know what your up to
[23:19] pll31337: They have already been informed
[23:20] NeedlePhreak000: well i will get a lawyer and they will recive a cease and disist order or whatever the fuck it is they give out
[23:20] pll31337: Go ahead.
[23:21] pll31337: I'll laugh at the fact that you wasted money on my behalf.
[23:21] NeedlePhreak000: haha i don't care about money i got all the damn mony i need and besides i know lawyers that will do it for free
[23:21] pll31337: Well that's cool
[23:22] NeedlePhreak000: ypour a fat ass primitive under evolved monkey
[23:22] pll31337: I forgot your "in da game"
[23:22] pll31337: Yeah... I guess so...
[23:22] pll31337: But hey, at least I don't like a 15 year old.
[23:23] NeedlePhreak000: for real just take it down or change my screen name on there because whoever said that shit it wasn't me
[23:23] pll31337: Then don't worry about it.
[23:23] pll31337: Oh and one thing, if you do get a lawer and I take it to court your logs will forever be in state records and will follow you.
[23:24] NeedlePhreak000: what logs???
[23:24] pll31337: The chat logs
[23:24] pll31337: That you want down so bad.
[23:25] NeedlePhreak000: whatever just do something because it is pissing me off
[23:25] pll31337: Why?
[23:27] pll31337: Why?
[23:40] pll31337: Why?
[23:41] pll31337: Why?
[23:42] NeedlePhreak000: shut the fuck up
[23:42] pll31337: Okay